March 28, 2023

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DITR: Shane Forman

Shane Forman is a class of 2022 linebacker for Southern University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Forman is 6’0” and 195 lbs. Forman is a pass-coverage backer who has the kind of speed and film recognition that translates to the next level. Over his career, Forman has been named District MVP, 1st team All-District, 1st team All-State, and 1st team All-Metro. Shane is a leader for Southern Lab’s football team and a leader in the classroom as a member of the Law Studies Club holding a solid 3.3 GPA.

How long have you been playing football?

I’ve been playing football all my life. I didn’t play my first two years of highschool, but I regained the love for the game during quarantine. I really missed hitting. My brother and parents were the first people who got me into football. My brother played for Arizona State and our whole lives we just always wanted to be active like we would play basketball, baseball, and football by ourselves every day when we were young. 

What did your off-season training regiment look like?

So a normal day for me would start off with a 2 mile run from around 8 to 9:30. Then my teammates and I would get together to do ladder drills to work on footwork and technique from 11 to 12:30. After that, I would go home and rest for a bit before weights from 3:30 to 5. That would be a normal day in the off-season but I was also going to a lot of football camps.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming season?

I’m not really too worried about personal goals because they will come with the team winning. What I’m really focused on is becoming more of a vocal leader to help our team accomplish our goal of winning state.

What kind of linebacker would you describe yourself as? Do you feel that you are better in pass coverage or run stuffing?

I think I am better in pass coverage. I move better than most linebackers, I am athletic and fast for a linebacker my size. I have become better at filling the run gaps but I still need improvement.

What is your favorite part about playing linebacker?

It brings out the aggressive side of me, you gotta get down and dirty. At linebacker, you’re always around the ball, always in the middle of the action, that is what I love about it.

How would your teammates describe you? 

I think they would talk about how I am a leader. I’m always gonna push them to be better, in the long run if they’re winning then I’m winning so I just try and be the best leader I can. I’m more of a leader by example, but I am trying to be more vocal. My coach has me at mike linebacker now so it has forced me to be more vocal because I am the one who has to communicate the coverage to the rest of the defense.

What is a part of your game that you feel will translate to the next level?

I am pretty fast for my position and I have a 38 inch vertical so I feel like that’s something that can help me going forward.

What is a part of your game that you feel like you need to get better at?

Mostly just being more patient in my reads. That and using my technique and hands more in the run game.

Do you have any role models who have inspired you? 

My parents inspire me every day. They work really hard and they always want me to be doing something productive. One of them will come into my room at like 9 a.m. and tell me to get up, do drills or something to make use of my time. So just having them around constantly pushing me to get better is something that is inspiring to me.

What are you thinking pre-snap?

Pre-snap, I will be reading the guards to see if they’re leaning or giving away the play in some way. I’ll always make sure to take a good look at the quarterback to see if he is eyeing down a receiver. All of this starts with film, so I’m usually when I’m watching film I will make mental notes of what players have a certain tell.

What is something that recruiters should know about you?

I’m a competitor, no matter what. If I am fighting with someone else for a spot, I’m going to work if my competition doesn’t want to work then he’s just in my way. I will go into every practice giving 110 and ready to fight for my spot.

What is a time you went through significant adversity and how did you get through it?

Last season was hard for the team and I. We started off 1 and 3, people were talking saying we weren’t dogs and they counted us out. After we started to hear the noise, we all bought into the process and went on a nine game win streak. We ended up getting bounced in the playoffs but that made us want to work harder this off-season and prove to people that it wasn’t our coach’s fault, that we can win state.

Why do you play football?

Frankly, it’s fun. I know that later on football gets to be more of a business, but for right now it’s all about fun. Studying how my opponent is, figuring out what they like to do is fun for me. I want to find their best player and figure out how to make him a non-factor.

Do you think football has affected you as a person? 

Football has definitely affected me as a person, it’s made me more mature in the little parts of life. Coach would always tell us to make our bed every morning when we wake up to create good habits. Being around the coaching staff has made me a better man, I like being around people who build you up because there is always going to be people who want to tear you down.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? 

It has taught me about fighting through adversity, you know one day you can be winning the next day you can be down so you have to keep mental focus. People are always going to talk and hate but you just have to stick to what you do. There is this quote that I always keep in mind, “private dedication leads to public celebration.” No matter if we are winning or losing throughout the season, I look at that quote and it helps keep me going.

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