DITR: QB Taylor Weathersby, Haughton High School (Bossier, Louisiana)

Get ready to see the explosive talent of Taylor Weathersby, the quarterback sensation from Haughton High School! Taylor is a beast on the field, standing five feet seven inches tall and weighing 145 pounds. Taylor demonstrates his excellence as a true student-athlete, thriving both on and off the field, with an impressive 3.6 GPA. He dominated the previous season, throwing just two interceptions despite passing an astounding 19 touchdowns and 1200 yards. Beyond just his numbers, though, Taylor is an incredible leader who enjoys winning and proving those who doubt him wrong. Taylor is a coachable and driven individual who motivates everyone around him to overcome any challenge. Making the varsity team as a freshman, as promised to his grandfather, was one of his proudest moments—a reflection of his commitment and work ethic. Taylor’s accomplishments include winning two football MVP honors from Haughton Middle School, winning best overall quarterback in San Antonio, Texas, and Washington, DC, at the Sports International Football Camp, and winning furthest throw in the Dream All American Showcase.

How did you get started in football, and what inspired you to play the sport?

I started playing football because I fell in love watching Drew Brees casually throw the ball so far.

Can you share a memorable moment or game that stands out in your football career so far?

A game that stands out to me the most was this year. I got my first start as a freshmen and threw 4 total touchdowns.

What positions do you enjoy playing the most, and why?

 I love playing quarterback because it is the position on the field everybody looks up to and has the most eyes on out of the entire team.

How do you balance schoolwork and football during the season?

I balance school work and football by making sure I get all my school work done in class and if I don’t I get that done before I focus on football.

What aspects of your game do you feel you have improved upon the most since you started playing?

I feel like I’ve improved the most on my scrambling skills and making plays inside and outside of the pocket.

What are your individual goals for the upcoming football season?

My goals are to take my team to the playoffs and make sure everybody knows what they have coming out of me for the next 3 years.

Are there any professional football players you look up to, and if so, why? 

Drew Brees, because I try to mimic everything about him because he’s also on the smaller side like me.

How do you stay motivated during practices and training sessions, especially when facing tough drills or exercises?

I stay focused throughout practice and drills by reminding myself why I get up everyday and do it and that is to make my family proud.

What advice would you give to other young players? 

Keep pushing no matter what, never forget why you do it, never quit, don’t take what critics say to heart because they don’t know what it’s like in your shoes.

Aside from football, what is an interesting fact about you? 

I love reading and writing about things I’m very interested in.

Which college would you most like to play for? 

LSU because they are my favorite team.

What did it mean to be a part of the Gridiron football camp? 

 It meant a lot because I got to be apart of one of the biggest magazine companies in the entire county.

What are your biggest strengths on the field? 

My arm strength, my ability to read defenses, threading the needle through tight zones and my scrambling ability.

What is the biggest challenge you face on the field? 

My biggest challenge is my size but I can easily overcome it.

How has playing football impacted other areas of your life, such as academics and personal?

 Football has impacted my education because it gives me motivation to push through and try my best on hard test. It has also built relationships up such as my dad, my coaches, my teachers and even people on opposing teams.