DITR: OL Wes Wiggins Smithville High School (Smithville, Mississippi)

Wes Wiggins a student-athlete at Smithville High School and a member of the class of 2026, commands attention on the gridiron. Standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 270 pounds, Wes possesses remarkable athleticism for his size, a trait that immediately catches the eye when watching his film. His explosiveness off the line of scrimmage is matched only by his formidable strength when engaging opponents. As a run blocker, Wes shines, leveraging his athleticism to excel in advancing to the second level and executing precise pulls into open space. What truly sets Wes apart is his aggressive playing style; he approaches each play with a proactive and dominant mindset, consistently seeking to overpower his opponents at the line of scrimmage. With his blend of size, athleticism, and tenacity, Wes Wiggins is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with on the field.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

” My biggest accomplishment in football so far is playing in the MSA super sophomore game. it is the top sophomore football players in the state competing against each other.”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

” The player I like to compare myself to is Trent Williams. I love the way he plays, he is very aggressive and has some of the best technique in the NFL. That’s what i want to emulate when I play a very aggressive and very technical football player.

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

“My plans after my playing career is finished is to go into the coaching profession. My goal is to eventually become a power 5 coach or NFL coach.

What are some goals you have for yourself, and your team next season?

“ Goals for myself is to get 1% better everyday and earn my first offer. Goals i have for my team is to get back on the right track and build up a winning season to be able to make a playoff run.”

What do you like about the sport of football and how is it significant to you?

“ I love football , i used to not be big into sports but when I started watching football with my dad. I thought man that looks fun and i wanted to learn about the game and play the game once i got into middle school. My coaches told me I was a big kid and could go play college football and once they put that idea in my head i have been hooked and working my tail off ever since.”

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

” Some things I do outside of football like most kids in the south is hunt and fish whenever i’m not busy with football or working out. I like to go hunting and fishing.”

What position do you enjoy playing the most and why?

” I love playing offensive line. I think it’s the most important position group on the field.”

What are some ways your coaches have helped you?

” I’ve had a very good coach’s at my high school they made fall in love with the game and they have supported me ever since I started this journey to the net level.

What colleges have you received any offers or interest from if any and what is your dream college to play for?

” I currently hold 0 offers but I have talked to multiple college coaches that have shown interest in me. Sow schools are Baylor, Mississippi sate, Ole Miss, Florida state, Georgia, Georgia state, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.”

What makes you stand out from other players?

” I think what makes me standout is that i can play every position on the offensive line. I have really log arms and height to my advantage.”