DITR: Nick Clark

Nick Clark is an All-State 5’8 195lbs. Class of 2024 Running Back prospect out of Daphne High School in Daphne, Alabama. The Daphne hometown native is remarkably mentioned as a “heavy hitter”, carrying over 1,000 yards and 8 touchdown rushes in the previous 2022-23 season now entering his upcoming senior season in hopes to surpass 2,000 rushing yards. Clark’s speedy ability to read the field as an RB and complete all schemes of any realm makes him a suitable running back for any program in the next level of college football. Nick Clark obtains a great work ethic and an overload of ambition as a young man that is difficult to take down on the field. While speaking in a 1-on-1 interview with Clark, it was clear Clark’s physical and mental game are all in preparedness for the next level in his football career.

When did you begin playing football and why are you so passionate about playing this sport?

I started playing football when I was 4 years old and the reason I’m so passionate about it is because it was always something that I wanted to do. It was always in the family round, my uncle went to the NFL so it’s really that and my mom and grandma that thrive me.

Which NFL player or coach serves as a role model to you?

All my coaches inspire me as they teach me everything I need to know, and I serve as a coachable player to them. The biggest role model is Darius Sanders because he is really versatile, Emmitt Smith and going down to Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley, and Tony Pollard. These players inspire me because of all they do and strive for. Isiah Pacheco is one of the major role models I look up to with a backstory. If you look into Pacheco’s backstory and why he is thriving now, it makes me want to thrive also. 

What position do you see yourself playing in the next level?

Next level I see myself playing my position, Running Back.

How would you describe your work ethic? 

I would describe my work ethic as coming in and always putting in work but that’s just not enough. You always got to do extra because without extra, there wouldn’t be you or anything of value going for you during your time.

How do you handle stress and high-pressure situations during an intense game?

I handle stress by taking deep breaths before going back out on the field while also looking out for my team and making sure they are on the right path, you know not having heads down or anything like that. I make sure we exceed high expectations during anything that’s going on.

Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision during your early stages of your football career.

The time I had to make a decision was during one of my games when my shoulder got pulled real bad and at the start of 3rd quarter we were down, and I just tried to persevere through it.

How do you handle criticism or feedback from coaches and teammates as a team player?

I love criticism. I handle it really well because without anybody trying to perfect you or shape you into that perfect person or helping to become a better person, what is the point of you having criticism or doing something that you really want to do.

What are some short term and long term goals you have set for yourself as your senior season is approaching?

My short term goal is reaching for 2000 yards, I had over 1000 yards this season. I want to make sure that I really pay attention by doing more films and watching by myself and being able to realize certain coverages that are going on. My long-term goal is just leaving a blue map here at Daphne. I want these younger kids to come in and see that blue map to help them strive to where they want to be.

What are your dream schools and what will they get out of you as a player and young man?

My top 3 dream schools are Alabama, Auburn, and Florida. As a player, what these schools would get out of me is all gas, no brakes. As a player it is about making sure I’m coachable, and understanding coaches making sure there is good chemistry and communication is good. As a young man it is being able to sit there and talk and ask them certain things, and them being able to ask me certain things.

What serves as your daily motivation to get up and work hard every single day? 

What serves as my daily motivation is my momma and my little sister. My momma has shown me a work ethic and what it means to work hard and never give up. No matter the circumstance, she is smiling and keeps doing what she’s doing.

What is your favorite accomplishment or football memory thus far in your career?

A memory that stuck with me would be 2 years back when we had played Fairhope and we had lost, but we lost in Overtime and I was crying and one of the seniors came to me and said to me, “What you crying for? You have plenty of war, you have two more years left to do what you need to do.  Keep your head up young buck”. This was memorable because it was always a connection that I had with that player who said that to me.

 What are some life skills that football has taught you since a young age?

Football has taught me to never give up and keep your head held high at all times, keep a smile on your face and make sure that everyone else is okay and have fun.

What does your offseason look like? What are you doing everyday to get stronger?

During the offseason, I’m working out twice a day and going to the field to get fieldwork in, then I go home to my folks and maybe read a book or hear a podcast or two.

Tell me how you ended up as RB and why that position ended up suiting your athleticism perfectly.

Being a running back you got to be able to have hands and make sure that a scheme gets done of any sort. It fits me really well at wideout because it’s about being able to look at the field and read what you see and being able to go back to the coach and tell him what you see. The coaches hear you and listen to you and then everything just goes great from there.

“I would like to thank everybody who has been there for me and stayed in the mud and never left my side, and that would be my momma”.

RB, Nick Clark Daphne Trojans.