DITR: ATH Travis Sanders II, Magnolia School Of Excellence (Shreveport, Louisiana)

Travis Sanders II is a very versatile young man. The 5’7, 160 lb athlete from the class of 2025 mainly plays running back, wide receiver, and cornerback, yet he took some reps at linebacker and edge rusher this season, and played those at a high level as well. Travis only started playing the game as a freshman, so he has a long way to improve on an already impressive resume. Travis had an amazing camp with Gridiron Football. He had the fourth fastest shuttle time, clocking in at 4.46 seconds, and the second best long jump at 9’6 feet. Travis proved he was more than just athletic this camp, using his hands, and an ability to control his body, to pull in 3 receptions during 7 on 7 drills. Travis’s eye opening speed, and ability to go up and get the ball, makes him a threat on both sides of the rock. On offense, his motor refuses to let him to go down on the first hit, while on defense, he makes sure it only takes one hit to bring his man down. A young man with a great heart, amazing athleticism, and an overall understanding of the game, Travis Sanders is somebody to keep on your radar.

What made you love the game of football?

When I was smaller, I would always watch football with my dad and my family and it grew on me over time. I realised “why not try football if I’m going into high school?” and I have loved it ever since. With the positions I play, I like being able to mainly catch or run the ball.

You mainly play running back, wide receiver, and defensive back. What do you enjoy about each position?

As a running back you have to have a certain type of physicality to take all of those hits. Not everyone can go out there and constantly take hits from linebackers and defensive lineman and stay on their feet. As a receiver, I like knowing I have better hands than most people. I can go up there and get the ball. If it’s in my area, there’s no doubt that it’s going to get caught. The route running as a receiver is also very unique. In most sports, there are attributes than bleed over, but in football the route running is very complex. It can be a simple slip or cut that can mess up your defender, but it can also mess you up. Defensive back is not a position that I enjoy as much as the others, but I will play it to help the team. I like when the ball is thrown towards me because I know I can position my body to force an incompletion or interception.

Would you rather have a multiple touchdown, or multiple interception game?

Because I play more positions on offense than defense, I would say touchdowns. When you get an interception, you turn the ball over to your side, but with touchdowns you are helping your team more. I understand that defense wins games, but if you are scoring enough on offense, you won’t need to go and intercept the ball as bad.

Do you play any other sports?

I run track and my coach is trying to get me to start basketball, but I have not started that yet.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

I would say CeeDee Lamb and DK Metcalf. I remember watching them both get drafted. CeeDee Lamb has helped me because he’s not a massive receiver. He uses his elusiveness and knows how to create space for a reception. Metcalf is just strong and knows what to do with his body while trying to make a catch. Knowing me, I’m stronger than pretty much my entire team now, so I’m basically a smaller version of DK Metcalf with CeeDee’s ability to catch.

What did you learn during the Gridiron Football Elite Camp that you are going to take into next season?

I learned it’s not all about strength or speed, but about your technique. Most of the time when you are on the field, you have to think with instinct instead of with your head. When you think with your head, you can psych yourself out.

What are some of the biggest improvements you have seen in your game since you started playing football freshman year?

My freshman year I was 5’5 and 130 lb’s. I have put in work every day since then and am now 5’7 and 160 lb’s. I can now bench 285 lbs and squat 500 lbs. I am also one of the fastest people on my team now.

What would you say your biggest on the field strength is?

There are probably four things that I can call a strength on the field. Blocking-wise I am very good, we ran plenty of plays where the running back would cut to the outside and they would have me at receiver because they knew I would make the block. Carrying the ball is a big one for me too. I take a lot of brutal hits to the body, legs, and head, and don’t give up the rock. There was one play where I got flipped on my head, and I still held on. Playing off of that, durability is a strength for me as well. My body can take a lot of punishment. I also have an elite ability to go up and catch the ball.

What are some of your goals off the field?

I know growing up I always wanted to take care of my body and stay healthy so I can take care of everybody around me. I want to make sure if anyone needs help around me, that I help them. I want to make sure that I go to and graduate from a college in four years. I want to be able to come back home with that diploma. I just want to be that person that everyone knows is there for them.

What is your way too early SuperBowl prediction for next season?

I would say Cowboys, but Dak Prescott always starts messing up in the playoffs when it starts to get cold. I feel like the Bills would have a chance. They have a lot of heart, and I feel like they can beat Kansas City if they try just a little harder. If they had another reciever like Diggs, they would be more successful.