DITR : LB Elijah Thurman, Bossier High School (Bossier, Louisiana)

Elijah Thurman is a student, that demonstrates a commendable commitment to academic excellence, boasting a solid 3.0 GPA.In weight room, Elijah’s dedication to getting better is evident with a bench press of 225 pounds. Also he has impressive squat of 315 pounds. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 3 inches weighting 170 pounds he is outside linebacker for the Bossier High football team. He certainly has the physical that many team would like to have at outside linebacker for their team. While only being a sophomore he has more than enough time to development into a better player.

What or who got you to start playing football?

“My mom was the reason I got into football. “

How long have you been playing football?

“I have been playing football for about 6 years now. “

What positions do you play?

“I play Outside Linebacker.”

What NFL player do you like watching?

“I enjoyed watching guys like Ray lewis and Kam Chancellor. “

What is the most challenging aspect of football of football to you?

”I would say trying to make sure I don’t let my teammates down. ”

What is a strength that you have in your game?

” My ability to keep going no matter how hard it gets.”

What is something you’re working on to improve your game?

” I am working on my ability to come down and fill gaps”

What are your current football goals?

” To make it to the state championship.”

What’s your dream schools?

” My dream school is LSU. “

What’s your favorite activity outside of football?

” I like to workout, go hunting and spend time with friends and family.”

What is something you would say that football has taught you?

” Football has taught me discipline and how to do things with other people and never give up no matter the outcome or score “