DITR: RB Jack Tyndall, Dripping Springs High School (Dripping Springs, Texas)

Jack Tyndall is a 5’10, 202 lb, bruising running back out of Dripping Springs High School. Jack won district MVP for 26- 6A division in Texas, and it is not hard to see why. Jack absolutely tore up the box scores with 22 total touchdowns. These aren’t just goalline touchdowns either. Jack was handed the rock 247 times this year and turned that into 1,644 yards. That averages to an astounding 127 yards per game. He has an ability to shed blockers and stay on his feet, as well as excellent breakaway speed. Holding a 3.5 GPA, Jack is a very well rounded kid. The class of 2025 athlete also plays outfield and third base for his baseball team, along with running the 40 yard dash in track. If you watch his film, the upside is easy to see. He finds holes to burst through, and is almost impossible to bring down. A young man who has been playing the game since he was in 4th grade, Jack has unlimited potential waiting to be shown next season.

Why do you love the game of football?

I love football because it’s a big team sport. You have to love everyone on your team. You gotta show everyone on your team that you want to do your best for them. You got to prove to them you will do whatever it takes to score that touchdown or do as much as you can for your school.

How have your coaches impacted you?

They’ve helped me a ton with running track, playing baseball, just having hard offseasons and hard summer workouts to get the team ready. We have a really good strength program here. We are always lifting heavy and working hard in the weight room. They help all of our guys get stronger and faster. We have good running workouts and just everything.

What are some challenges playing running back?

Definitely injury. It is also mentally challenging. Fourth quarter comes along and your beat down and cramping. You get the ball a lot in high school with the way we play. We ran the ball a lot this season after our quarterback graduated last season to go play at Oregon. There was just a lot of running this year. Our starting quarterback got hurt the first game of the season so we had a heavy run game this season. I am always cramping by the third quarter because I get the ball a lot.

What did winning the 26-6A Texas High School Football District MVP mean to you?

It meant a lot. Dripping Springs is growing and we have a good football team, but it was always the Lake Travis or Westlake guys who won the award. I feel like they get a little more recognition for what they do, so it made me feel like I really worked hard in the off season. All my hard work paid off this year.
Jack won FOX 7 Player Of The Week for the Austin Area

What are some goals you have for yourself, and the team next season?

Definitely make it to the Cowboys stadium and win the State Championship. I personally want at least 2,000 rushing yards, and add some more receiving yards. We had a great receiving group this year with Kyle who is going to North Texas and Cooper Reed and all of the receivers, but I definitely want to up my receiving yards this season. I want to be more of a utility back and work on my blocking. Get some more pancakes a running back you know. I want to help the team out more and be more of a leader.

Who do you model your game after on the field?

I watched Christian McCaffrey play a lot this year. I’m working on being a little bit quicker, breaking out of tackles, and having good cuts, all things he excelled at this season. I want to be as tough as I can be and play through pain and just overall work on my agility.

What is your dream college to play for?

My sister and cousin go to A&M so I would say Texas A&M. I’ve been there for a couple games and I like the school. I just love Texas so any school in the state. Ole Miss does have great running backs though. I watched them play A&M and their running backs ran all over A&M. I’ve talked to the West Texas A&M coach, he was trying to get me up for a couple camps but I couldn’t make them. I liked the Texas State camp too. All of those coaches are younger guys and I did pretty well at that camp.

What are your hobbies outside of football?

I’ve played baseball since I was little. Baseball was my main sport growing up until I got a lot better at football. I run track also and lift weights a good amount. I like to fish and hunt, I have a ranch in Texas. I play pickleball every now and again.

How do you manage schoolwork and football?

I’ve always gotten everything done in class so I don’t have much to do after. This year has been pretty good for me, I’ve had pretty much all A’s the whole year. School’s been pretty good for me, I haven’t had a crazy amount of homework this year. I’ve been getting it all done in class and if I don’t, I go home and do it so then I have time for football or to go to the gym or just do whatever I need.

What do you think separates high school football in Texas from other states?

It’s just huge here and everyone watches high school football. All of our home games get sold out on the home side, and we have a pretty big stadium. I just think texas kids are tough. Being in the 100+ degree heat over the summer and working out all the time, and going up against bigger guys really toughens you up. I think the size and aggressiveness of high school athletes here separates us. Playing powerhouses like Lake Travis, and Westlake and Vandergrift helps make you tough.

What about your game stands out?

I think being able to take on defensive lineman and succeed. Also with me, I’m not scared of anyone. You play against all these big 4 and 5 star guys but I don’t think about that. I think I will be able to run through that kid. I don’t care how many stars he has or how big he is, I’m going to beat him every rep.
Jack running hard for a touchdown in week 7