DITR: Jamond Mathis

Jamond Mathis is a multi-position player in the Class of 2023 for Duchesne High School in St. Charles, Missouri. Standing in at 6’4” and 205 lbs., Mathis has a build that some college players would dream of having. Mathis utilizes this incredible build at defensive end and seems to live in the offensive backfield. He is often seen bulldozing past offensive lineman and easily blowing up any play the offense throws at him. On offense Mathis is a defenses worst nightmare, playing running back and wide receiver. At running back, he plows through the defense with his incredible speed, agility, and strength. At wide receiver he is able to use his size and speed to expose defenses and make huge plays downfield. His hard work and success on the football field transfers right into the classroom as he posted a 3.4 GPA! With seemingly unlimited potential and 2 more years of high school football ahead of him, Jamond Mathis is a player everyone should look out for. 

When did you start playing football and why? At first, I didn’t like playing football, I preferred playing videogames, but in fifth grade my Uncle wanted me to play so I tried it out. What a lot of people don’t know is that I started at offensive lineman, but after that first year of playing I fell in love with the game.

Favorite moment of your career so far? My favorite moment was when I played tight end and I got to carry the ball for the first time.

What current or past player do you think you play like the most? At defensive end I think I play like Khalil Mack, with his ability to use his hands and track the ball. At receiver I think I play like AJ Green since he is a route running and possession receiver.

Do you play any sports outside of football, and what do you think you adds to your game? Track, it helps me with my speed and get faster, it also keeps me in shape.

Do you have any pre-game rituals? I listen to music and get into my zone by myself.

Going into your junior season, what are you looking forward to? I want to have at least 20 sacks and I want to win a state championship.

Do you have a quote or anything that pushes you daily? “They don’t respect you at the bottom. They ignore you in the middle. Then they hate you when you get to the top. You’ll never have everyone’s approval so it’s best to focus on your own.”

What do you think a college would get out of you as a player? I think I’m very versatile, I can play many positions, I’m very hard working and I’m have a high IQ on the field.

What motivates you to get up and train every day? When I was growing up, I would see my uncles get up and work hard to provide for the family, so I do the same and work hard. I don’t think of it as I job, I love playing football and working out.

What do you think makes you a good teammate? On our team we are a brotherhood, so I try to pick my teammates up and push them to work harder so they can play at the top of their game.

What do you think sets you apart from other athletes? My mentality, I have a different view on sports, I always want to the best at everything I do.

What do you think the best part of your game is? On defense it’s my pass rush, I think I’m a great pass rusher. On offense, I think it’s my versatility.

Would you consider yourself a speed, power, or finesse rusher? Speed, I use my speed to get around the Line.

Which technique do you prefer to line up in? I like to stand up and play like a linebacker.

Which defensive scheme would utilize your skills best? 4-3.

What are you thinking pre-snap? It’s a mind game, I look the lineman in the eyes, and I can see how someone plays by just looking at them.

Would you consider yourself a hard hitter or more conservative? Hard hitter, I like hearing the pads hit.

What’s your favorite part of playing defensive end? Hitting someone, no matter how you felt during the day you can take out your anger on people and its fun.

Would you consider yourself a possession, speed, or route running specialist? Possession.

Do you prefer to be pressed by the DB or not? Yeah, corners are normally smaller than me and I like being 1 on 1.

Favorite route? A post dig route, I like double move routes.

Inside or outside routes? Inside.

Best catch you have made in game? In the championship game it was a close game, and I Mossed some guy and it put us on top.

Favorite part of playing receiver? Normally people look at me and see me as a defensive player but going out there and proving them wrong and showing them, I can beat defenses at receiver.

Would you consider yourself an elusive back, power back, or receiving back? Power back.

Do you try to avoid contact or do you embrace it? Embrace contact.

Favorite play to run? Stretch.

Do you like running up the middle or to the outsides? Middle.

Favorite part of playing running back? Proving people wrong, I like showing them that I can do more than just defense.