School Spotlight: Independence High School (Thompson’s Station, TN)

Located in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, Independence High School is a 6A school that was 4th in their district this season with a record of 2-3 and had a season record of 5-6. Throughout their time, the Eagles have had tremendous runs throughout their seasons and was able to become State Champions in 2015 with a record of 15-0. They were also runner ups in both their 2007 and 2016 football seasons. The team is led by Head Coach Scott Stidham, who is coaching the Eagles for the second year and has been a coach for 30 years. Also joining him in coaching the eagles would be Offensive Coordinator Jeff Parker, who has been coaching Independence for 5 years in his last 31 years of coaching and was a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1992.

Throughout the Independence Eagles history of football, they then have 12 of their players went on to play college football. Some players that are looking to also become one of the players to make it to the collegiate level is Syler Green, who was able to start as a left tackle and was rated as the Top Offensive Tackle in 2026 from TN Varsity. They also have a kicker by the name of Landric Mayeski who kicked a 50 yarder as a junior and is the only American kicker that plays ice hockey as well. In general, the eagles have some good weapons on their team and are looking to improve for their upcoming season.

When did you start coaching and how has the program been since you started?

This will be my second year in coaching and things have been very good with not only the program but also with the community as well and we have a bunch of supporters all-around.

What are y’all focus on going into this season?

The majority of things we will be focusing on is just getting in the weight room, work on our speed and agility, and head into spring practice and work on conditioning throughout the summer that way we will be ready by the time the season starts back up.

What have y’all learn from how last season ended?

We lost a lot of seniors this past season and that left some holes open but we hope that this season that we will be able to rebuild the team back up and be able to work towards refilling those holes up with new talent.

What is the football team’s motto?

Since the school is call “Independence” we decided to shorten it to “Indy” and combine it to “all in” and give the team a meaning of we are all in this together and together we are unstoppable.

What are the players to look out for?

Landric Mayeski – K

Andrew Bingham – P

Taylor Lawrence – CB