January 31, 2023

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DITR: David Roberts

After speaking with Holy Savior Menard High School head football coach Justin Charles yesterday, David Roberts was certainly one of the biggest takeaways I had in my conversation with Coach. At 6-3, 225 pounds with 4.7/40 speed, David has all the physical attributes of becoming a big time linebacker at the next level. In the weight room, he can bench press 265 squat 330, and power clean 255 pounds. As one of the best linebackers in the CenLa area for the Class of 2023, David hopes to get that first offer as he has been drawn a lot of interest from schools like McNeese State, Northwestern State, ULL, Louisiana Christian, and Belhaven. Coach Charles says that David is a type of player that sets the tone with his actions as he has a 3.8 GPA and is one of the school’s student ambassadors. Not only is he a great player, but he is a great leader for the Eagles as he never lets his teammates down and holds himself accountable for his actions.

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As a linebacker, what are the biggest strengths to your game?

“My strength, my size, and my power are my biggest strengths as a linebacker.”

Before your senior season, what are you trying to work on the most heading into the 2022 season?

“I am trying to improve on my speed right now, especially my 40 time.”

What are your goals for the season? What are you striving to do before your high school career is done?

“I am definitely trying to get 1st Team All-District. That is my biggest goal for my senior season.”

Is there a particular college or NFL linebacker that you try and model your game after?

“I definitely like Ray Lewis. I grew up watching him play and is a player that I look up to.”

What is the team on the schedule that you are looking forward to playing the most and why?

“Personally, I am ready to play St. Mary’s because I have cousins that live around there.”

When did you start playing football?

“I started playing football back in fifth grade. I’ve always been a linebacker since that time. In junior high, I felt that everything clicked for me and I realized that I could become a pretty good football player.”

What is it about the game of football that you enjoy the most?

“I just love being around my teammates and hitting people. That is my favorite part about being around the game of football.”

Coach Charles talked about some of the stuff that you do off the field. What are some things that you do around the school besides playing football?

“I am a student ambassador for the school, but I also play bowling do. I think that’s what I really get my competitiveness from and that is from bowling.

As one of the leaders of the team, what is your message to your teammates about the upcoming season?

“My advice to them is to just keep working, do your best, and lead by example to your other teammates. Leading by example will make your teammates want to do even better.

I know that some schools have shown you some interest, but you are still waiting on your first offer. What is your pitch to college coaches that are recruiting a player with your skill set?

“I feel like I am definitely the hardest worker. I will probably outwork everybody.”

Who are some people that you want to thank for being the person and player that you are today?

“I definitely like to thank my coaches including Coach Charles and Coach Matchett for pushing me to my limits. I am definitely grateful for that.”

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