DITR – Colin Coates

Colin Coates is a 5’11”, 170 pound, class of 2024 Defensive Back for the Catholic High School bears in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Colin is a physical player, racking up 36 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 INT, and a staggering 13 TFL’s, which is uncommon for a defensive back. Colin is a really versatile player; he lined up at every position in the defensive backfield (predominantly Safety) as a Junior in 2022 and can both make tackles in the box, and run with outside receivers in man coverage, which is where he excels at the most. He is also solid in zone coverage too, though. Colin mentioned that he looks up to Brian Dawkins, as ” I love the physicality and energy he brought, and I strive to do that every time I walk onto the field.” Colin was a member of the Bears 2021 state championship team as a Sophomore.

Colin was recently a participant at our football camp in Rayville, Louisiana, and exceled at all of our combine drills and 1v1 and 7v7 portions, and that has earned him an invitation to our All-American bowl game later this year. He ran a 5.00 second 40-yard dash, a 4.58 shuttle time, and jumped 8’6″ in the long jump.

I had the chance to interview Colin and ask him some questions:

At what age did you start playing football?

“5 years old.”

Have you always played your current position, or did you play a different position growing up?

” I played outside LB growing up, but once I got to high school, I moved to safety.”

What sets you apart from everyone else on the field?

“I can read and understand the game better than a lot of people on the field.”

What is your favorite accomplishment so far in your football career?

“Winning state and starting at CHS as a junior.”

What is your favorite memory playing football so far?

“Winning a state championship.”

How do you balance athletics and academics?

“By spending the same amount of time with football and academics.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced on the field?

“Position battles; being around kids who are more talented then me, and having to push and fight harder than they did.”

How do you stay physically fit outside of football?

” In the off-season, after football workouts, I workout by myself, and I also go to a trainer during the weekdays.”

What are you hoping to achieve in this upcoming season?

“Obviously a state championship, but I would also be happy with an all-district award.”

What is your end goal for your football career?

“If I don’t play college, it would be winning a state championship my senior year, and if I do, it would be starting at the college level.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned playing football?

“It is just a game that is here to help me through life.”

How do you prepare for big games?

“I go look in a mirror, and depending on how my week went, I would just talk to myself and build myself up through that.”

What type of play style do you have?

“I would say a balanced play style, because I can do whatever you need me to do on the field.”

 Lastly, who is the biggest role model in your life?

“My dad, because he pushes me to be the best I can be. Even when I do wrong, he still picks me up and brings me to the level I need to be.”