DITR: Caden Campisi

Down 14-0 in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game, the West offense needed a big play to get back into the football game and they did with a 36 yard run by Kaplan High School running back Caden Campisi. That big run was exactly the dose of medicine the doctor ordered for the West to not only get back in the game, but to eventually come back from behind and win the game.

“I think I had a high performance game for the amount of playing time I had, and it honestly means a lot to me that I got to put the pads on one more time in high school.”

Kaplan High School running back Caden Campisi (right) poses with former LSU, Buffalo Bills, and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Gabe Northern. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

Being not only the spark plug, but also being leaned on offensively is what Caden Campisi has been doing for the Pirates his entire senior season.

Campisi made life difficult for opposing defenses as the All-State honorable mention running back galloped for 1,850 yards being one of Louisiana’s top leading rushers in the state this season.

“Knowing that my coaches trusted me to run the ball 20-30 times a game really proved to me that my hard work and dedication that I put into this team has really paid off, and when I break the huddle knowing that I am getting the ball, I think to myself to run and hit the hole as hard as I can either run someone over or make them miss.”

The Pirates’ workhorse running back certainly did a little bit of both running past and over defenders as he was twice on the Gridiron Football Louisiana Player of the Week list this season including a performance in which he was our number two player of the week in the entire state back in Week 6.

“Personally, my favorite game was against Crowley this past year. This game stands out to me because I had gotten 304 rushing yards and every run, I was getting 10-15 yards a carry.”

The two time All-State running back may not be the biggest nor the fastest player on the field at 5’9, 170 pounds, but Campisi has other advantages that he helps to use to his advantage.

“One of my biggest strengths as a running back is my vision on the field and my strength as I run. Something that I can work on is my speed and conditioning.”

Campisi also has tremendous power when he runs the football and that can be contributed to his love of working out and being on the school’s powerlifting team. As mentioned earlier, Campisi played his last high school game in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game and was one of the key players to fueling the West team’s 18-14 win over the East Team. Having a performance in which he averaged over 15 yards per carry is a good way to represent the Pirates one final time while sending a message to college coaches.

“My goals going into the bowl game was to show up and compete at a high level and show my skills, and to have three carries at around 60 yards is a pretty good stat to me. My favorite part about the experience was the game and sharing the experience with multiple running backs all over the state.”

Despite all the yards and touchdowns that Campisi garnered over his prep career, what he loves about the sport of football most is the competition and the brotherhoods that are formed with the game. He credits that to the people around him that have allowed him to have the success that he has had this season.

“I’d like to thank all of my former coaches for shaping my mindset to an elite athlete, and I’d like to thank my mom and my dad for helping me along the way.”

Right now, Campisi has received an offer from John Melvin University, but he is hoping that his play on the field speaks for itself when getting more college attention out there.

“I would be a player that can play anywhere the coach needs me on the field whether or not, it’s my primary of secondary position, and I will be the hardest working player on the team.”

After playing sports for over 3/4 of his his life, Caden Campisi would want nothing more to continue doing what he loves at the next stage.

Kaplan High School running back Caden Campisi (right) poses with former LSU quarterback Marcus Randall (left). (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

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