DITR: ATH Adrian Donnell, Frankston High School (Frankston, Texas)

Adrian Donnell is a 6’2, 170 lb versatile athlete from the class of 2026. Adrian can hurt you anywhere on the field. He is lethal from the receiver position as well as possessing traits of an elite signal caller. Along with this, Adrian displays great rushing ability. I want to start with Adrian as a receiver. Adrian is a certified deep threat that you need to make sure is covered. He can burst past press coverage and slip into the open field with ease. This quick first step is key to a receiver’s speed and ability to lose his man. Adrian possess these attributes, along with many more. To add to his speed, Adrian also has amazing hands. He can go up and rip the ball away from any defender, making 50/50 balls more of a 75/25 split against a defender. This physicality is something you do not see often in receivers and is a very sought after trait. Footwork is another highlight of Adrians game. He makes sharp cuts and send defenders flying. These traits combine to make the ultimate receiver in Adrian. This was seen this season as Adrian posted an impressive 25 receptions for 715 yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. While Adrian is an elite reciever, that is not all he can do. Under center, Adrian displays a strong arm and a high IQ of the game. He knows when to rocket the ball downfield and when he should tuck it and escape the pocket. He displays amazing arm strength, able to throw the rock 50 yards downfield with ease and accuracy. Adrian proved his ability as a quarterback this season with 596 yards through the air and 4 passing touchdowns. Being a multidimensional player means that Adrian can also run the ball very effectively. While he does not normally rush from the traditional running back spot, Adrian’s ability to create a play with his legs under center is unmatched. His quick first step that I previously touched on also helps Adrian effectively rush the ball. He is able to be 5 yards upfield only a second after the ball is snapped, something you have to see to believe. He is a very aggressive runner who does not let the first defender bring him down. As a rusher, Adrian totaled 710 yards with 11 touchdowns. Adrian reminds me of Taysom Hill in the way he can be plugged into an offense in any position and be effective. They are also both very aggressive and seek out contact. It does not matter if he is running, throwing or catching the ball, Adrian will be a gamewrecker. He was named as his district’s offensive MVP, and for good reason. Adrian currently holds an offer from Texas Tech, but expect many more to come flooding in. A kid with a 3.5 GPA, Adrian is a committed young man both on and off the field that any coach would love to have on their roster.

What made you fall in love with the game of football?

My dad was the one who really pushed me to start playing. I just fell in love with it.

What do you consider your best on the field attribute?

I would say leadership. I get everyone going and make them want to be out there.

What are some goals for yourself and for your team next season?

For my team, I want to go 3 or 4 rounds into the playoffs. Personally, I want to get more scholarships and offers.

How do you think playing basketball helps your game as a football player?

You can’t be lazy to participate in all of this. I play summer league and 7 on 7 so it’s year round. You really don’t have any time to be lazy so I keep on going.

I know you are an all-around athlete who plays quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Which position do you enjoy the most and why? 

I would say receiver overall but quarterback for right now. I have the leadership that is needed to lead my team to wins.

What is your dream college to attend for football?

I would say Alabama. I have a cousin that plays at Alabama.

This can be for any position you play or all of them, who do you try and emulate on the field?

I would say Adoni Mitchell from UT. I really try to play like him at receiver. I want to be that throw it up for him type of guy and go make plays like Adoni.

What has been your biggest improvement since you started playing football?

My confidence really. I used to be super shy and it hindered my ability to reach my full potential. I’ve gotten better at it starting my freshman year, I started to get out of my shell.

What do you do outside of team practice to improve every day?

After school, I throw with some of the guys on the team. On sundays, I go to a trainer in town named Quest. It’s really just that right now.

Who is your way too-early super bowl winner prediction for this upcoming season?

This is a tough one but I’ll have to say the Chiefs.