D.I.T.R: Marquette Duncan – Safety

Marquette Duncan is a 17 year old Safety listed at 5’9 185 pounds at Southern University Lab School. Marquette was born and raised in Baker, Louisiana and has attended Southern Lab since the 8th grade. Duncan is a fierce defensive-minded player, who plans on farther displaying his talents in his senior year next season. Marquette was able to take an interview to talk about his young career thus far and more:

Q: When did you start playing football?

I started when I was much younger, 2011 I played for the Baton Rouge Rams.

Q: Do you play any sports other than football?

I run track – 300 meter hurdles

Q: What is one of the biggest challenged you’ve faced playing football, and how did you overcome that?

I would say the biggest challenge I faced was the learning curve, took awhile to gain confidence and trust in myself, and my instincts. What helped me get over that was trial and error and knowing when you mess up you have to keep trying.

Q: What is your favorite part about your position?

I can see everything and I am aware of everything. If I see something that’s not right I can call it out and change that and help my own team – and playing safety is so much fun. Getting to come down on run or playing over the top analyzing where the pass is going to go.

Q: What is something you have learned from football so far?

Being able to work with people and learning to accept different personalities and characters. As well as the brotherhood and bonds you makes with your teammates is something you’ll have for life.

Q: Who do you idolize on the football field; Whether it is a current player, former player, or someone else?

Idolize a few in the league – First i would have to go with Jamal Adams. I love how he plays, he is very high intense on the field. Budda Baker– He is my size and that shows me that anyone can play that position – he’s not 6’1 or 6’2 but because of that he has to play at a high intensity and a high level of football, with a high IQ he is able to be one of the best defensive players in the league.

Q: What are some of your dream colleges and why?

I really do not have any specific colleges or universities. I watch all college football

Q: What strengths do you believe you have, that makes you a great athlete?

Versatility on the field and playing different roles to help my team out. I am a leader.

Q: How would your teammates describe you?


Q: What motivates you every day, and throughout a season with practice every day?

Make every day count, no matter if its practice or a game or a walkthrough it could be your last. So you have to treat every down like its your last.

Marquette Duncan is without a doubt a player who is poised on the field and wants to be out there. He plays at a high level with shifty movements and great speed to defend receivers. Marquette is also a power hitting defensive player who can be used at a linebacker position or from a safety defending the run as well. He is dedicated to his work and his team. Marquette Duncan is a safety in the 2024 class and plans on making a big impact on the field this upcoming season for Southern Lab.