August 17, 2022
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High School Football Recruiting: Block High School

Photo by hudl

Traveon Anderson played football for approximately 5 years. He is now a scout with Louisiana Gridiron Football and is currently scouting high school level talent throughout Louisiana. He hopes to help recruits reach their full potential and get to that next level of play so that they can further their education.


Block High School is located in Jonesville, LA. Last season they finished with a district record of 2-4 and overall record of 2-9



Josiah Anderson


Height: 5’10

Weight: 169 lbs

3 Star Prospect



  • Diagnoses plays well
  • Great pursuit
  • Good speed


  • Needs to add bulk


Josiah Anderson is a multi-talented athlete, with a wide array of skills. He can be seen showing great pursuit when pursuing loose balls. He also diagnoses plays extremely well on the defensive end as well. On offense, he shows great ability to be an efficient return man. Here is a link


Tyreke Harbor


Height: 6’4

Weight: 165 lbs

3 Star Prospect



  • Good hands
  • Good speed
  • Catches the ball extremely well in traffic


  • Needs to add to bulk
  • Average route runner


Tyreke Harbor is an excellent receiver. He has great height, and catches the ball extremely well in traffic. Harbor does well at catching most 50/50 balls. He also has breakaway speed which he uses to separate himself from DB’s. Although he is an average route runner, he still finds ways to get open. Here is a link


If you’d like to be featured in Louisiana Gridiron Football Magazine this summer, then call Traveon @ 229.563.4767. This magazine will be sent to every college in the country in July.


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