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Rising Star: QB Tylan Johnson; Madison Prep, LA

Tylan Johnson is a class of 2025 quarterback from Madison Prep in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This season, coach Landry Williams is turning over the reigns of the Madison Prep Chargers over to sophomore quarterback. This is noting new since coach Williams is known for trusting in his players. Four years ago, he started freshman Zeon Chriss and for the past four years Zeon set records with the Chargers that will be difficult to match. However, now that Zeon is headed to the University of Louisiana, it is time for the newcomer to begin his legacy. Tylan spent his freshman year soaking up all that Zeon could pass down as well as perfecting his own skill sets. In the classroom, Tylan has a 3.25 GPA. He currently has one offer to Southern University with several schools already interested in him.

Watch Tylan’s highlights here.

When did you start playing football? I started off with the Baton Rouge Bears at the age of 6. I transitioned to the South Baton Rouge Jaguars at the age of 9.

What did you like about the game of football back then? I liked the fun of it, it is a team sport, I like making new friends as I played, I like learning the game, and I like making highlights.

What is it like to fill the shoes of a guy like Zeon Chriss? For me, I just do not make it as big as it is. I just try to be myself and learn. I still talk to Zeon to learn how he learned and took over at such a young age and really made the school known. Honestly, I did not know about the school until Zeon.

What are some things Zeon has taught you or some words of wisdom he has given you? One thing I remember that I still to this day is to keep God first in everything I do. If I am ever in a stressful situation to keep God first and always pray for guidance. He also told me to be smart about my decisions and do not try and make a decision on my own, to pray about it first.

What have you learned about yourself while playing football? I learned that I am more disciplined that I thought I would ever be honestly. I was never the type to get into trouble, I was the type to sit back and learn and not let too much phase me. I also learned that when I get into a deep situation to take a step back, take a deep breath, have patience, and wisdom.

What do you like about playing here at Madison Prep? They make it fun to learn here. Everything is not just so strict here but you do learn in a way to make you disciplined and smart. Like you just won’t get into trouble for just asking a question. Their main priority is that you understand what is being taught. I like that want you to be better than the standard in Louisiana and they are willing to help you.

What is like to learn from one of the legends in the state in coach Landry Williams? He makes it fun to learn. He is always coming up with analogies’ that are funny that you can understand, but you wouldn’t if you were an outsider.

What would your teachers say about you? They would probably say I am a quite kid, but when I need help I ask for it. I feel like I am smart, I do not like attention in the classroom. I like to be there, get in, get my work done, and get out.

What would coach Williams say about you? He would say that I am a fast learner, that I like to learn, I am disciplined. I like hear what I got to do better because for me I want to make it and get out of here.

When you say “make it and get out of here,” what does that mean? I want to get out of Baton Rouge and see bigger things while playing football and spreading the word of God. I do not want to just stay down here for the rest of my life, I want to do something with it.

Where do you come from? I come from a tough background. No family member has made it to the NFL or really made it out of college. My cousin was the first one to graduate and my big brother followed her in her footsteps. He went to University of Louisiana and graduated. I have older brothers that stay in trouble a lot. So if you think about it, I learned two different pathways. I learned from the wrong pathway and the right path. I have one older brother that has been to college and he teaches me what it takes to get there every time I talk to him. I have other older brothers that are still in trouble and they still tell me this is not what you want to do. That keeps me out of that mindset they had.

What is it that you bringing to the Charger program? I am probably going to bring more of a Joe Burrow/ Brice Young type of playing ability. I am more of an improvisor and not so much as a dual threat. I am going to try and get the ball to my receivers and let them make the plays. I am going to take what the defense gives me and we are going to drive the ball down the field. We are not going to look for the money every time but if the money shot is there, we are going to take it.

Who is your favorite receiver here at Madison Prep? I don’t show favoritism but I like how Semaj plays the game. We connect on an intellectual level. We watch film together all the time. So I feel like we are always on the same page. Almost everyday we watch an NFL play and send it to each other and say we can run this in a game.

What would you say to a college coach that asked you “why should I recruit you over thousands of other QB’s across the country?” You are going to get somebody that is willing to learn and get better everyday. I do not think I will ever go “Hollywood” and know better than the coach. Plus I am accurate, and make all the throws. I will do whatever I can to get the win. I think there is nobody better than me in the nation. I think I can outwork anyone and go ball for ball with anyone, no matter who they are.

Is there anything you want coaches to know about you? I am a humble kid, patient (you will never see me get rattled), always poised, I do what I can and let Christ do the rest. It is not just my own abilities but what God has given me. I am a hard worker, I am here everyday. You will never see me miss a day of practice unless I am doing something else like a college camp. This really my dream, so I am going to chase it however I can.

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