January 25, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Timmothy Bennett

Timmothy Bennett is a class of 2021 defensive and offensive guard out of Woodlawn High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Bennett stands at 6’0 280 lbs with a bench of 405, a squat of 575, and runs a 5.2 40 yard dash time. A versatile athlete, Tim can just as easily tear through enemy offensive lines, while being equally efficient in both pass protection and run blocking as an offensive lineman. Although Bennett and his fellow teammates are not currently allowed practice due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Bennett says it has not stopped him from training on his own terms, staying in-shape in wait for the 2020 season. His hard work off the field is also evident in the classroom, where Tim maintains a 3.0 GPA.

At what age did you begin playing football and what initially interested you about the sport?

I was 4 when I fell in love with the game of football. What I liked about it was how I could show my toughness on the field and the overall physicality of the game.

What did football teach you about yourself or life once you began playing?

Football taught me discipline, teamwork and overcoming adversity. 

Who or what has been your biggest motivation or role model in the sport?

My family is my biggest role model because I can depend on them, look up to them and they motivate me constantly.

Do you have a favorite memory from your playing career?

Of course, my favorite memory was getting my first sack and pancake.

Are you involved in any other sports or activities at school besides football? If so, how do you believe those experiences have helped you on the football field?

I involve myself with other sports such as powerlifting. This has a great impact on the football field because it helped me get stronger and have faster explosion off the ball.

As a lineman, what is it like being in that position? What is the most rewarding aspect and what is the most challenging?

As a lineman, being in my position means you get to dominate, you get to see who’s the better person when it comes down to TRENCH WORK. The most rewarding aspect of being a lineman is the feeling of knowing that you play a special role in football, but a challenging aspect is it can never be one person, everyone has to work as a unit.

Do you have a favorite athlete, college or NFL, that you look up to?

It’s two people that play professional football that I look up to and that’s Larry Allen and Reggie Whit. They inspire me to do great. 

What current player, college or NFL, do you believe your playstyle reflects most?

I think Cameron Jordan reflects me the most because of his toughness, willingness and humbleness.

Outside of sports, do you have any hobbies or passions you pursue in your free time? What about them do you enjoy most?

Outside of football life, I do enjoy the culinary arts  because it’s something I’m also very good at.

For the 2020 season, what are some personal goals that you look forward to accomplishing? Has your team set a specific set of goals for the upcoming season as well?

Going into the 2020 season some goals I have for myself are playing to my full potential, and the best I can be. Goals my team set are going undefeated and eventually to a championship.

What do you believe separates you from other high school lineman in the state of Louisiana? What makes you unique to your position?

What separates me from other players and lineman is my willingness to get better because if there was a mistake made by me I will be the first to ask for feedback. What makes me unique to my position is that everyone isn’t meant to play that role, like my coach always says ‘’everybody aint got that dawg in em”. 

What advice would you give to younger football players who hope to one day play high school football?

Some advice I would give younger people trying to play highschool football to never give up on something you truly want, be dedicated and motivated.

What are some of the biggest impacts that first year head coach, Marcus Randall, has brought to the program?

Some major impacts Coach Randall and the rest of the coaching staff has brought to the team is leadership, brotherhood and discipline. Another good impact Coach Randall had on the team was experience because, as a former LSU QB, he knows what it takes to get you to that next level. All this was a great impact on the team because it was something we all needed.

Finally, what do you believe to be the most rewarding part about playing the sport and being a part of a team?

The most rewarding part about playing the game of football is about enjoying it and chasing your dream. It’s rewarding to be a part of a team because you have more family that you can depend on in almost any situation.