January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Seth Ducote


Seth Ducote is a skilled quarterback who can also play wide receiver. Seth is going into his senior year at Rosepine, High School here in Rosepine LA, and is looking to accomplish big things for himself and his team. With support from his coaches, teammates and family right by his side. As the leader for the offense, Ducote has great poise on the field, and is very mature when it comes to guiding his team in the right direction. He has great arm strength and he uses that to his advantage on the field. Seth has received offers from Kenyon College in Ohio and Culvert Stockton College, in Caton Missouri. Seth has been awarded 1stteam all-district athlete and 2ndteam all-district wide receiver. Not only is Seth focused on the field but he is also focused in the classroom, he has maintained a GPA higher than 3.5 for more than three years in his high school career.

When did you start playing football?


I started playing football when I was five years old.


What has playing football taught you about yourself?


Football has matured me as a person and has taught me how to carry myself off the field as well.


What would your coaches and teammates say about you?


My coaches and teammates would say that I am a great leader and I am a very humbled person on and off the field.


What would you are some of your biggest accomplishments?


This past year I helped my team make it to the second round in the playoffs and we won the District Championship.


Who is one of your role models and why?


Peyton Manning is one of my role models. I believe he shows his passion for the game, and he has a lot of the same qualities that I like to show on the field; as far as maturity and being a driven athlete.


Did you play any other sports in high school besides football?


Yes, I played baseball and I enjoyed it.


What are your expectations/goals for yourself this season?


Some goals that I have for myself are to help my team win another District championship, and make it pass the second round.  I would also like to touch up on my throwing game. I think we have a good team this year and we can go all the way.



Height: 6’1


Weight: 185


Bench: 255


Squat: 385


Clean: 235


40 Tiime: 4.78


GPA: 3.9