Diamond in the Rough: Ronnie Gray

Ronnie Gray is a 5’11 175lbs all district strong safety at George Washington Carver High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. Gray runs an impressive 4.43 in the 40-yard dash and has a 37” vertical jump.

When did you become introduced to the game of football?

I was five years old.

What has football taught you about yourself as a person?

I can be a strong leader on the field, I have a bright future, I have a great mindset and I will never give up.

Who is your biggest motivator?

Tyrann Mathieu because of everything he went through, he fought through it and got to where he wanted to go.

What are some of your accolades?

I made first team all district, I beat my junior year tackle, interceptions, and force fumbles stats this year.

What made you decide to play defensive back?

Tyrann Mathieu because of the way he plays the position, I strive to be like him but better.

What did you think about the Louisiana Gridiron Football bowl game you played in recently?

The bowl game was awesome; getting to meet and know a lot of new people was very good. Because of this event I was able to make new friends and create with new people.

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