August 17, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Quincy Fillmore, Southern Lab School

Quincy Fillmore is a recent signee for the 2018 signing class of Grambling State University. The 6’1, 180 lbs quarterback completed his senior season at Southern Lab School throwing for nearly 2,000 yards and 18 TDs. While rushing for 631 yards and another 4 TDs on the ground. He hopes that he can come in and challenge for a quarterback spot.


Check out his HUDL film:

Photo Credit John Oubre


Bench: 235

Squat: 365

GPA: 4.0


When did you start playing football?

When I was around six years old, I’ve been playing with the same coach since I was about that age.


Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played basketball, and ran track.


Did you play any other positions growing up on the football field?

I played receiver, running back, defensive end. I played almost everything besides lineman


How do you feel your season went this year?

We went through a lot of adversity, with our coach, he got into some trouble, and we couldn’t get into the playoffs. But, other than that we fought together.


What style of play best describes you?

Dual threat, the ability to throw, run. Athletic, just go out there and light it up, and also run into the end zone.


What are some of your biggest accomplishments this season, and overall?

Being the best quarterback to ever go to Southern Lab, and winning offensive MVP. I think being the best leader for my team because of all the stuff that happened with us, with the sanctions. I just want to be a leader, and grab my brothers and teammates and tell them we’re going to be alright, we’re going to make it through this.


What is one of the things you worked on this season?

I really worked on making my decision with the ball faster. When I drop back and being more decisive of where I want to go with the ball.


What is one area of the game that you think you excelled at?

The ability to scramble, and get out of the pocket and keep the play going without taking a sack. Or scrambling and making plays to keep moving the chains and keep the tempo up.


Did you set any goals this previous season, and were they all met?

No, I made First Team 1A and Offensive MVP, and the one goal I didn’t get was All-State


What do you hope to accomplish next season at Grambling?

I want to come in and show young leadership and win a quarterback spot.


What’s something you can bring to Grambling next season, you feel defines you as a player?

Academically I can help out, I have a 4.0 coming in and young leadership.


How does it feel to know that you’re going to a school that has put the most NFL players in the Hall of Fame?

It’s a blessing, and it’s really overwhelming knowing that I could be playing for a SWAC championship every year. The school I’m going to is very family oriented so I’m just very proud.


Did you know that Grambling actually has the most National Championships in the state of Louisiana?

Yes sir, I didn’t until I went on one of my visits. They showed me a lot.


From your junior year to your senior year, has the game slowed down a bit for you?

I can read a defense quicker, I know when they’re rolling. I pick up the blitzes quicker, I know when it’s time for me to just take off and go with it.


What is one area you think you need the most improvement on?

I’ve been working on my footwork. Making sure my feet are aligned everytime I throw.


Would you say your school was more of passing offense or run heavy offense or 50/50?

I think more 50/50 because the running backs we had.


Give me your favorite offense to run.

Spread, four wide. I think four wide, because it gives you more of an advantage against the defense. The defense is going to have to spread out, and if they don’t you have a receiver open, and it’ll be easy to find that person. Also, if they’re outside playing on the receivers and their coverage is showing that they aren’t worried about the run, it’s easier to attack by running the ball. So I like the four wide, because it can show a lot of advantages.


When you go into the spread, what’s your first read then?

I look at the safety, the safety can tell you the coverage. Like Coach Randolph told me, corners lie, safeties tell the truth. So I look at the safety to see what he’s doing then I look at the corner and then by that time I should have figured out what coverage they are in or what they could be in, then I look at the lineman and linebackers to see how far they are to see if I have to alter the play. By then I am ready to snap the ball and ready to roll.


Do you guys have audibles for your offense?

We ran read option so we could change it to a throw if we needed to. If I saw somebody not checking a receiver we’d just throw him a flat route.

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