March 28, 2023

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Diamond in the Rough: Porter Malkiel

Porter Malkiel is a 2024 Attackman from Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon. 

In his sophomore season, he led his team in points (96) and assists (36). He was named US lacrosse All-American, 1st team All-State, and won team offensive MVP for the Oregon State Champions, Jesuit High School. In last spring’s National Lacrosse Federation rankings he was ranked #41 in the class of 2024 and was also named MVP of the Maverik Showtime All-Star Game last summer. Malkiel is committed to continuing his lacrosse and academic career at Princeton University. 

Porter is a shifty X-attackman and uses his size and physicality extremely well to create distance from defenders. He has a great sense of how the defenders are playing him and exploits the weaknesses to create high percentage shots or find passing lanes. 

To view Porter’s spring/summer highlight reel visit: 

What are the important characteristics of a school that you look for during recruitment? “For me, the most important characteristics for a school to have was the team, the coach, and the education. Education comes first because lacrosse is a smaller sport it is harder to make a living off of it so I wanted to find a place that gave me the best opportunity to learn and for any job. Next, I think a good coach is important because you want to play for someone who makes you better and inspires you. I also think playing on a good team and a team you can play on as an underclassman was important to me because I want to enjoy the school but also enjoy the team and playing every day.”

What is something you would want college coaches to know about you? “I would want my college coaches to know that I work very hard and want to succeed.”

What makes you unique as an athlete? “I would say my change of direction makes me unique as an athlete and how I see the field.”

How do you want to improve as an athlete? “I want to improve on my strength as an athlete and also be more comfortable with my stick.” 

Do you have any goals for your junior season?  “My goals for my junior season are to win another state championship and break the Oregon single-season assists record.”

What is your biggest strength as a lacrosse player? “My biggest strength as a lacrosse player is my dodging ability. Being able to dodge from anywhere.”

What challenges come along with playing a lesser-known sport like lacrosse? “I think not getting the respect that football players do. Lots of football kids say they could play lacrosse and that it is easy but lacrosse is more a skill sport than anything, you can’t just be athletic. The biggest thing is not getting the same respect as other sports.”

What is your proudest lacrosse achievement? “My proudest achievement is definitely committing to Princeton because it has always been my dream.”

What is an example of you overcoming adversity as an athlete? “Last year I was ranked as a low recruit and it really frustrated me and scared me for my recruiting. I played this summer with a chip on my shoulder and got every offer I wanted and didn’t listen to the rankings.” 

If you had to compare yourself to a college of a professional player, Who would it be? Why?  “If I would compare my game to a player it would be a couple of guys. I think a mix of Alex Slusher, Tucker Dordevic, and Ross Scott. All guys I looked up to from Oregon when I was younger and wanted to be like. I tried to copy their different play types and I think you see it a lot now.”

What’s your favorite lacrosse memory? “My favorite lacrosse memory is winning a state championship last year.”

Who is someone you look up to off the lacrosse field? “Someone I look up to off the lacrosse field is Michael Jordan for his nonstop competitiveness.”

What role do you play as a leader on the team? “I hope this year to set the standard for my team. To push everyone to be their best and be competitive every day.”

Why did you choose Princeton? “I chose Princeton for many different reasons. First off the education is unmatched. As a young kid, I grew up going to the campus. My Grandfather was a professor and My Grandmother was the dean of students. Both of my parents also went to Princeton and played lacrosse and hockey. So growing up Princeton was always a part of my life. Also growing up my high schools star player (Alex Slusher) was committed to Princeton and was really the first role model I ever had. I always wanted to be like him and so him going to Princeton made it even more attractive. The next thing was the coaches. The offensive coordinator (Coach Mitch) is best friends with my high school coach so there was already a connection there. I would say I was always leaning towards Princeton but when I got there I knew. I knew right away that it was where I wanted to be and committed in the next couple of days.”

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