March 27, 2023

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Diamond in the Rough: Logan Blake

Logan Blake is a class of 2023 tight end out of the Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey. At 6’7 and around 215 lbs, Logan is an incredible athlete with great versatility. He graduated from Delaware Valley high school in Frenchtown, New Jersey last spring, but he is currently doing a post grad year at the Hun School. Logan also has 3.4 gpa and 1120 on his SAT. In his senior year at Delaware Valley, Logan ended up with 54 receptions, 731 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. 

What is the best aspect of your game?

“I would say my hands. I think I catch the ball very well. But also my reach, my length, and my arm length”. 

Do you have a personal goal? 

“Because I’m already committed, it’s not really about getting stats or film. First of all, just staying healthy is a goal, and second is, getting my body in better shape. Also getting in better conditioning and learning more about the game to get better”. 

What have you learned about yourself playing football?

“Football is a very different game. Just in a way that it’s pretty much if you do anything in a football game off the field it’s almost illegal. It’s just a whole different mentality, between off the field and on the field. Keeping that level head mentality on the field and off the field, but also having to balance that out”. 

Is there anything specific that you’ve been working on this past offseason and summer?

“I think my biggest thing is what people doubt me the most, which is my blocking ability as a tight end. I’ve been a wide receiver and receiving tight end for most of my career, so I’ve never been a huge blocker. So my goal is to try to improve and show that I can block and handle all the aspects of a tight end”.

Do you have any hobbies or any other interests?

“I would have to say sports have been pretty much my entire life. I used to play basketball, and it was my main sport actually. When I committed to do the post-grad year at Hun, that’s when I switched over. Before that, I was trying to go to college for basketball”.

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Describe a time of adversity you might have faced?

“I haven’t faced many injuries on the football side, most of my injuries have actually come from basketball. But some adversity that I have faced… I think sometimes being slow and being lighter. Like right now, I’m underweight than what I should be. I definitely have to put on some weight to be able to play at the level I want. So right now, I’d say that my biggest adversity is putting on weight.

What do you love about the game of football?

“Just the game and being able to hit people. Everyone says that being able to hit people in football is the best thing, but it’s true. Having a team of 11 kids working together, where everyone has to do their own job and everything just goes smoothly. Also just the close friendships you get from the game of football. It’s just an emotional game”. 

What is your biggest motivation?

“I’d say from where I’m from, not a lot of kids end up at the next level. I guess you could say it’s like being kind of a hometown hero, because I’ve grown up in such a small town. So that just everyone around me has supported me so much because it doesn’t happen that much where I’m from. Just that motivation of people back home rooting for me”. 

What is your biggest strength on the field?

“I would say my wide receiver skills are probably my best attribute. Through basketball and just my physicality. I think I have a lot of physicality for my size”.

Do you think basketball might have helped you develop into a better football player?

“Between basketball and football and doing them my whole life, each of them have helped so much with the other. There’s so much crossover between the two sports, that just playing both has been so beneficial to me”. 

Football aside, who is your biggest role model or someone you might look up to?

“I have an older brother who plays college football, so not as much as a role model but competing with him my whole life. Just that competitive brother aspect, and also my parents. How they work hard in life, the opportunities they have given me and what it does for you”.

Are there any college or NFL players you might model your game after or like to watch on film?

“I like to watch Rob Gronkowski a lot, I mean he is 6’7 which is what I am at. I mean obviously I have a lot of weight to become like him, but I think 100% I can do what he does. And also, George Kittle is another I like to watch. Just because of how physical he is and how much pride he takes in blocking”. 

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