Diamond in The Rough: Jancent Wallace

Jancent Wallace is a class of 2024 cornerback for Christopher Columbus High in Miami, FL. He is 5’9 and weighs 150. Already at a young age, Jancent has displayed very sound technique and great coverage. He is good at tracking the ball and plays with great speed. All his qualities make him a playmaker for the Wolverines defense. He is someone you want to keep your eyes on because he’s already shown consistent technique and overall ability. Once he grows more and puts on a few more pounds, there is no doubt he will make that big jump and become a star.

How long have you been playing football? 11 years going on 12.

Do you play any other sports? Yes, I also run track.

What made you chose to play WR and DB? I’ve been playing since I was younger, so it’s just become my thing, I’ve never been the tallest kid, so my speed has always helped me.

What do you think is the most important part of playing WR and DB? Being quick because if your short and slow that doesn’t really help.

What position do you see yourself playing at the next level? DB most likely.

Is there any player you can compare your play style to? Derek Stingley.

What position do you prefer playing? DB.

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What would you consider your biggest strength? My speed definitely.

What would you consider your biggest weakness? My weight, I’m trying to get bigger now.

What goes through your mind pre-snap? Just trying to make a play to get noticed.

Is there anyone you look up to? Mostly Jalen Ramsey, but I love watching DB tape.

What are you doing to get better? Lifting a lot, I’m trying to get stronger.

Do you have any goals for this upcoming season? Make all state and getting an offer.

What stands out about the way you play? My ability to track the ball, I can be across the field and still be able to get to the other side to make a play.

What sets you apart from others? My talent and my speed.