August 14, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Jaiden Carter

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Versatile, agile, and quick-reacting are only a few attributes that Jaiden Carter possesses. The 5’9, 170-pound QB from North Caddo High School is no stranger to the hard, dirty work, making himself available also to play free safety and slot receiver without objection whenever his team needs him. Carter says that he feels right at home as a QB, as he enjoys being the decision maker and feels it comes natural to him. Physically, Carter benches 215, squats 440, cleans 225, and runs 4.4 on the 40. But wait, there’s more! Way more! Jaiden Carter, being the adorned, enriched player he is, has racked up numerous recognitions over the years including: 1st Team All City; 1st Team All District Athlete Of The Year; 3x Player of the Game at North Caddo High School; KTBS/KPXJ : Player Of The Week, which led to a live TV interview; and Shreveport Times Week 9 Player Of The Week. You go Jaiden! A leader and role model on and off the field, Jaiden finished his junior year academically with a 3.6 GPA and plans to major in either computer science or real estate. Currently receiving offers from Arkansas State and Princeton University, Jaiden will no doubt be leading his team to victory all the way to the pros!

When was your first time playing football?

  • My first time playing football was when I was around the 4th grade, I played little league

Why did you start playing football?

  • My uncle kind of influenced me to play because he made it to the NFL and I always looked up to him and always wanted to be like him so I tried to play football

Most looking forward to your senior year?

  • Really I’m looking forward to the team, because this year we got a lot of team chemistry. I feel like we have a good chance to go the championship

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What is something or somethings that you would like to improve on?

  • I’d like to improve on my footwork and my juke moves

If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing?

  • Probably just going to school and working, I’d get a job

What are some things you do during off season to prepare for the upcoming season?

  • Well I go play 7 on 7 with my football team. I run and exercise anytime I can

How do you go about balancing school and football?

  • I don’t know, I think I’m just a smart kid. I look at school first because sometimes I don’t even wanna go to football practice and I just wanna go to school

What does football mean to you?

  • It means a lot, because it’s something I want to see myself do good in and make it to the next level

What would your teammates say about you?

  • I have a good personality, I’m always uplifting and encouraging my teammates, and I’m a gym rat and have a hard work ethic.

What attributes do you possess that make you a good teammate? What strengths do you possess that would make you a good college athlete?

  • I’m a good motivator and good person to talk to when your down. one of our coaches died this season in a car crash and I was the last player he had talked to before he left that day, me being the QB everyone looks up to me to lead them in the right direction, I had to make sure everyone was ok and tell them that he didn’t die sad.

What is your favorite play and why?

  • My favorite play is the RPO because I’m a good decision maker and I have options to choose from and we had a lot of success this year using it.





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