March 28, 2023

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Diamond In The Rough: Dryden Duggins

Dryden Duggins is a class of 2022 wide receiver out of Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is 6’1″ and weighs 195 pounds. He has excellent hands and runs precise routes. His speed is deceptive and he is an excellent down field blocker. Duggins is also a part of the Track & Field program and is a 2x track State Champion, and was 5th in the state for 2A hurdles. He has a 4.2 GPA and is a part of AP and Honors classes.


How would you describe your season? What would you say was the highlight of your Junior year?

This year more than anything was very interesting, to say the least. In the Spring when COVID started spreading, it brought along many questions and uncertainty about the upcoming 2020 high school football, there were times where my teammates and I were going to even step foot on the football field. Fortunately, we were blessed to play a whole season. I think the highlight of my junior year was shutting out Dunham at home for our homecoming game and becoming the undefeated district champions.

Did you have any specific goals for this season? If so, how was the journey reaching them?

Off-season, I worked hard to be the best possible version of myself. My goals were to get faster and stronger so I could contribute even more to my team. Of course, the pandemic changed my journey to reach those goals .Normally, spring is devoted to running track, but this year it was canceled so I had more free time to dedicate to football training. I was able to get bigger, stronger, and better. I really enjoy training because I was able to measure my progress.

 How did you even get into football? Is there anything or anyone specific that motivated you to keep playing?

When I was five, my parents signed me up for the all-star football camps which sparked a real passion inside of me. The people who trained and supported me and really kept me going.

What has football taught you about yourself or life?

It has taught me perseverance, and to keep a positive mindset even when the odds are stacked against you. In the life aspect, football has taught me about sharing my passion with my teammates and it strengthened my faith in God.

What’s your favorite thing about being a wide receiver? How was it playing with a quarterback like Dylan Mehrotra?

There are so many ways and techniques that  I can perform and get better. Wide receivers have a diverse skill set such as speed, strength, hands, and get to play many different routes. Playing with Dylan was a great experience because he is such a hard worker and looks after all of our brotherhood. We texted each other on weekends or off days to go throw and train. 

What would you say are your main strengths on the field?

I would say my main strength is giving 110% to every play and leaving it all out on the field. Another strength of mine is being able to read coverages since I play both ways on the ball. My ability to run routes and find the open holes on defense.

How would your coaches and teammates describe you?

They would describe me as devoted, hard-working, and dependable in any tough situation.  

What’s your favorite thing about playing football in Louisiana?

No matter the size of the school, there are always great competitors who are out there, who are pushing me to achieve my own and team’s goals.

Three words to describe yourself?

Blessed, tenacious, and dedicated.

What hobbies do you have outside of sports?

I enjoy skiing with my family and friends. I also love playing with my two dogs.

Are there any college or NFL athletes that you look up to or try to model your play style after?

I would say Micheal Thomas and Tee Higgins are my role models. I like to mirror my game from both of them because I really like their play styles and routes. Tee Higgins is the reason I wear number 5.

What is one thing could you not go a day without?

Definitely, my bible because I try and read it every day just to give thanks to God.

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