January 25, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Dj Williams

Dj Williams is a outstanding wide receiver at Denham Springs High in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dj is a driven, determined, and hardworking young man. He exceeds expectations on and off the field. Handling adversity is one of his many assets because, he knows how to adapt and accomplish any goal set in front of him. Ultimately, football is like a game of life to Dj.

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What talents did you possess that made you realize that playing wide receiver was the position for you?

When I was growing up I actually did not have the body to play wide receiver. My dad has been training me a lot and have been putting in a lot of work, he has helped me to shape my body that it fits wide receiver perfectly. Then in High School my coach put me at that position and it fit me perfectly.

What was the one this that set football apart from any other sport you have played?

The culture of the sport just drives me as a person, this is a sport that you have to play with a lot of passion. The first time I ever played in a football game, I did not want to come off the field. Football is the ultimate game of life, we overcome a lot of adversity in practice. Overcoming this adversity as a team, help us create a brotherhood which will lead to lifelong friendships.

What is one thing that you can say that makes you unique?

My leadership skills, because I do not allow my teammates to get down on themselves especially in the midst of a game. Always finding ways to pick them up, around school I tell them to make sure their shirts are tucked in, look proper. Also, my teammates can vouch for me, and I always want what is best for my team and myself.

What was one moment in a game that you can recall that was a pivotal moment that lead you to where you are today in football?

My first high school touchdown during my junior season. It was one of the best feelings, being able to run to the student section and hear peers cheer for me. During my sophomore season, I did not get the ball I mainly just blocked. It made me question if football was really for me. I figured out how to make my own fun through blocking, and I learned how to block very well. I even developed a love for blocking because, I began to improve at it.

If I were to ask a neighbor who is DJ Williams, what can you tell me about him what would they say?

My neighbors would say that I am a really respectable child, and that I always have a smile on my face. I represent my father, I go out and give respect to others and it hopes that the same is given to me in return.

What about football or an aspect of football that is going to help you in life overall?

Football is a game of life, you are always handling adversity on and off the field, which means you have to represent yourself at a higher standard. Every snap of the game is not guaranteed because, you can get hurt and then those moments end. I want to use my skills to get me to college while obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering. You have to pursue your dreams in football and still get your degree because, education comes first.

Height: 6’1

Weight: 188

Bench: 195

Squat: 395

Power clean: 235