January 19, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Cory Robinson

Cory Robinson is a Free Safety and Kicker at Archbishop Hannan High School in Covington, Louisiana. At 5’10” and 155Ibs Cory runs a 4.75 40-yard dash. Cory perseveres each day to manage his school and athletic life. He has a 4.0 GPA and scored a 26 on his ACT. On the other hand, Cory made 2nd team all-district in football and 1st team all-district in soccer last season. He says he is always ready to fight through the trials and tribulations and looking forward to the future. 

When did you begin to play football? 

I was about 7 when I  started playing at Pelican Park in Mandeville. For all those years my dad was my coach. 

How is it having your dad as your coach? 

Always nice because he’s someone I can look up to. He’s always there for me and it’s nice having his available at all times. 

What about the sport drew you in? 

You can go out there and hit someone and it’s legal. Then you get to hangout with your friends and it’s just a great sport I’ve loved it since I started playing. 

Do you play any other sports besides football? If not, if you had to choose what other sport would you play? 

I started playing soccer probably around the same time I started football. For a while there I did stop playing up until my 8th grade year. 

Which position did you begin as, how have you transitioned? 

I actually began playing as quarterback, up until my freshman year of high school. I’ve gotten bigger and that’s why I’m on defense now. And I can hit someone with no problem. I didn’t start kicking until this past year. 

What goals do you have set for yourself for next season? 

I want to become captain to show that I can lead. As a team,  we can win district, we fell short one game and that can’t happen again. 

How do you plan to obtain these goals? 

Just work hard, always, practice, give 110%, do it for my team not myself.  

Who is your biggest motivator? 

My dad is my biggest motivator. I look up to him a lot, he’s the reason I started playing football.  He really is just a great role model. 

What is something you’ve had to overcome? 

My size is something I have always had to deal with. I was never biggest guy and it got tough at times.  Since I’ve been in high school I have put on weight, and I’ve handled it well. 

Do you have any hobbies that don’t pertain to football? 

I love to play all sports for fun, swim, and hang-out with friends. I do it all.

If you could play for any collegiate team what team would it be? Why? 

I’d just love to play collegiate ball anywhere that fits for me. Anywhere would be perfect because I just want to continue to play. 

How does football help you off the field? 

Football has made me a better man in life. Also, a more reliable person, it has changed me for the better in many ways.