Diamond In The Rough: Christian Arceneaux

Our Diamond In The Rough section is designed to highlight skilled athletes that are flying under the radar that have the potential to play at the next level. Today we will be highlighting South Terrebonne High’s Christian Arceneaux, dual threat QB, class of 2022. 

Why wait! That’s what Christian Arceneaux thought everyday last summer going into his sophomore season. He knew he wanted to be the starting varsity quarterback for the South Terrebonne Gators. He also knew he would have to beat out an upcoming senior. So Christian did what he has always done. He put in the work. Late nights and early mornings. Repetitive footwork drills, keeping his eyes down field, scrambling drills, tweaking throwing mechanics, lifting weights getting stronger and faster but more importantly gaining the trust of his teammates and receivers throughout the process. The hard work eventually paid of with him earning the starting QB job as a 10th grader. Christian went on to have a break out season setting new school passing records and getting the game experience he needed. With one year of varsity play under his belt. This 6’4, 200 lbs, three sport athlete is ready to get back in the lab and make an even bigger statement this up coming season.

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Christian to ask him a few questions about this upcoming spring and off-season , his passion for the sport, and how it all began.

•What age did you start playing football?
11 years old

•What is one thing you want to accomplish during your high school career?
Win a state championship and become the all-time leading passer in school history.

•What is your biggest accomplishment in football this far?
Broke Completion Record at my high school.

•Has playing football ever help with personal problems off the field?
Yes it allows me to take my mind off things and just play something I love.

•During your football career have you had to overcome any obstacles or difficulties?
Yes I had to beat out a senior starter to get the starting spot.

•What do you love the most about football?
It allows me to enjoy doing something I love.

•Have there been times in the past where you felt like quitting? What motivated you to keep going?
Yes and my motivation is to be the best athlete in my family and make my parents proud. My brother was an all American offensive lineman in college and I want to be better than that.

•Would you consider football to be harder mentally or physically?
Football is a mental game, especially as a QB. My job is to read the defense and know what their next move will be so I can pick them apart and give my team a chance to win.

•How do you handle wins and losses?
I handle them the same because no matter what the outcome may be, I know I can be better and improve my game.

•Who motivated you to start playing the game of football?
My father and brother

•In what ways do you show your leadership on and off the field?
I lead by example. If you want to be a leader you have to take on leadership responsibilities like setting a good example in the classroom and on the field.

•Describe yourself in one word?

•How long did it take for you to realize you where above average at football?
I haven’t yet. I’m striving to become the best I can be so until then I won’t be above average. My goal is to play in the league one day so I will work until I get there.

•What can you work on to better yourself as a player and person?
Keep working hard.

•What NFL quarterback would you say your style resembles most?
Patrick Mahomes

•What advice would you give a young athlete would wanted to play football?
Do not listen to negative things people have to tell you and just keep your eyes on your goal. DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT.

Twitter: @CoachWatt225