D.I.T.R: Mason Stallons

Mason Stallons is a 6’3 170 pound Senior returning for the Frisco Raccoons this upcoming fall. He is an intriguing prospect with the ability to play both receiver and also have a role in the special teams unit. The Class of 2024 prospect has been the kicker and punter for the Raccoons since his freshman season. He is hoping for a major breakout senior season to prove he can play at the next level.

Here is my interview with Mason Stallons.

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in second grade.

What are some hobbies you like to do outside of school?

I love playing all sports…

Have you played other sports outside of football?

I used to play basketball for the school, but now play golf.

What was it playing for Frisco this past year?

I loved it.. My teammates are awesome and it makes everything fun.

Is there a NCAA/NFL player that you would compare yourself to?

It’s fun to watch the best like Justin Tucker and Matt Gay. I want to be them one day.

What skills do you have that sets yourself from the others?

I think its cool that I can kick the ball and catch the football for touchdowns.

Do you have a favorite football moment in your young career?

As a freshman, I got pulled up to varsity because of the kicker getting hurt. I ended up getting the opportunity to kick a game winning field goal to win the playoff game.

Who pushes you to be better through your football journey?

My dad for sure… He pushes me to eat, workout, and practice more to get better.

What has Head Coach Harbert done to improve your football career?

He has trusted me since freshman year and said I was going to be the guy. Hopefully he hasn’t regrated that decision.

What are your senior goals while at Frisco?

Make the playoffs and get some recognition by some colleges.

How do you succeed as a teammate?

I’m a positive guy that doesn’t really get mad. I try to lift them up and make sure everything is good.

Do you have a certain every gameday ritual?

When we run out, I go to the opposite side of the field and pray for me and my teammates.

What are future colleges getting out of you?

A hard worker that puts the team first.

In college, would you rather play receiver or kicker/punter?

Definitely kicker or punter, I have more experience on the varsity level with it.

How can you improve your game over the next year?

Obviously gain some weight and get stronger. It will allow me to kick further and also make me a stronger receiver.