August 19, 2022
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Lafayette Christian Academy wins over Episcopal, 14-12

Episcopal started off strong but Lafayette Christian had an aggressive front line for that held them, resulting in their victory

The Episcopal Knights, along with their fans at home, came into the game pumped. They came into this game with a perfect record of 11-0. The first touchdown of the night was a 7 yard touchdown by Peyton Pontiff. With 9 seconds left in the first half, Parker Sanchez made a 3 point field goal to bring their score up to 10. A fumble in the end zone by Lafayette Christian gave them another 2 points, keeping their final score at 12. They attempted to complete a punt, but it was shut down and blocked with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Oliver Jack also made a lot of big plays for the Knights.

First touchdown for Episcopal by Peyton Pontiff
Punt blocked by LCA

At halftime, Episcopal had a total of 77 yards while Lafayette Christian had 161. Lafayette Christian also had 1 turnover and 4 penalties. Episcopal had 3 penalties.

Lafayette Christian played great defense throughout the night. Sage Ryan has the first score for the night, a 56 yard touchdown with 7:14 left in the second quarter. The score was 7-7 at that point. He also scored the second touchdown, bringing the score to 14-10. After his 48 yard touchdown, he sadly strained his hamstring and was out for the rest of this playoff game.

#5 Lafayette Christian Academy, now 8-1, plays #1 Isidore Newman next. Newman is the only undefeated team left in Division III.

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