D.I.T.R.-Jerald Mays

Jerald Mays is a 6’3″ 250 lbs offensive tackle for Weiss High School in Pflugerville, Texas. Jerald has made an immediate impact for the Weiss Wolves, starting on the left side of the offensive line in his freshman year. He is someone who got better with experience, and has so much potential to grow into. He can pull really well, and absolutely pancakes people in the run game. He is athletic getting to the second and third levels run blocking. Pass protection is a strong part of his game as well, making him a key part of the Wolves offense. Check out our Q&A below!

When do you start playing football?

At a young age

What is your favorite thing about playing football?

The competition aspect, I love to win

What have you learned the most from your coach?

My football IQ has grown from what he has taught me

What has been your favorite football memory?

My first game starting on varsity

What sports do you play outside of football?

I throw shot put and discus in track

Who is the player you idolize your game after?

Trent Williams, Quenton Nelson, Jason Kelce

What is your favorite NFL team?

Kansas City Chiefs

Who do you consider to be your role model?

My parents

How do you balance school and football?

I have almost all A’s and I make sure to put school first

How do you prepare for a game?

Listen to music

What is your favorite pregame meal?

I don’t have one, I’ll eat anything

What is the best aspect of your game?

Agility and athleticism

What separates you from others?

My work ethic

What is your definition of being a good teammate?

Helping out when they need it, cheering them on