D.I.T.R: Jordan Foy

Jordan Foy is a 6’6” 350 lb Offensive Lineman for the Pleasant Grove Spartans in Pleasant Grove, AL. Jordan is great in the power and counter running game when he gets a running start on defenders with his body mass. Jordan is also very powerful in the zone running game, where he mostly plays Left Guard but can do anything on the line including center. His tape is filled with agile running plays that follow him and go for long yardage. Even though Jordan is better at football than he has ever been in his life, he is looking to improve for his last year as a high school football player. 

Can you tell us your name and position on the football team?

Jordan Foy, Offensive Lineman

What made you decide to play football in high school?

Honestly, my folks pushed for me to play football and Coach Lebeaux pushed me to play football as well. Coach Lebeaux is important to my beginnings as a football player.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced on the field?

Definitely learning how to play the game and the mental part of the game was most challenging. At the beginning I did not feel like I was executing up to my potential. I find that I am mentally hard on myself and I am my biggest critic.

How do you motivate yourself when things get tough during a game?

I never want someone to ever say that they outworked me, especially in the football field. This is what motivates me most.

What do you think sets you apart from other players on your team? 

My work ethic sets me apart from others on my team. Things will not be given to you and you must put work behind it to get where you want to be.

Can you talk about a moment in your football career that you’re particularly proud of?

We ran a screen play in a game and I unknowingly was able to keep up with our other wide receiver who was blocking. My coaches pushed me to show this same effort in practice throughout the next week. Another time, I was moving from house to house and did not attend school that day. Usually my coach only calls me when I’ve done something wrong, so when he called me this time I was not expecting him to say that I’ve received an offer from Alabama State University.

How do you handle the pressure of being an important player on the team?

It is more about handling adversity rather than there being pressure. With my Offensive Line brothers always having my back, it makes me give more effort and handle adversity with mental toughness.

How do you balance football and your academic studies? 

I like to set a schedule for myself. I have certain alarms set for certain times to balance out my hardest classes. My weekends consist of resting, extra studying, reading, and creating quizlets. 

What have you learned about teamwork through playing football? 

Teamwork is so important in everything you do, ESPECIALLY on the Offensive Line. Being in sync with your brothers and your team, it helps your success come to you easily.

Can you describe your pre-game ritual or superstitions?

For my pre-game ritual I like to listen to Yeat or Playboi Carti to give me self confidence when I get on the field.

Who is your biggest inspiration or role model in the sport of football?

Trent Williams is my biggest inspiration, definitely. At first it was just Trent Williams’ dog mentality. After hearing about his battle with cancer and him being told that he should get his affairs in order, he became even more of an inspiration in the fact that he faced adversity in the most grueling of circumstances and still won that battle.

How do you stay physically and mentally prepared for each game? 

Physically, every Thursday I ice-bath and have carb overloads to be energized the next day. Mentally, I am locked in throughout the entire week of practice. I stay locked in throughout the entire season.

What are your goals for the future, both on and off the field?

On the field I want to get Offensive Lineman of the Year. This year I was 2nd-Team All-State Offensive Lineman, and in 5A I made the finalists list but was not considered the best. Off the field I want to get an art degree and get into digital design.

What advice would you give to young aspiring football players?

It is all about mentality and putting in work. You can have dreams and aspirations, but they will never come true if you are not willing to make sacrifices and put in the work necessary for success. Another aspect is to keep your mental health right. You can love the game of football, but if your mental health is continuously deteriorating then it could never end good for yourself. Talking and venting to people and therapists is a good way of controlling your mental health.

What do you hope to achieve with your football career in the future?

I either want to make it to the League (NFL) or have the sport prepare me to create my own business and future. I have many different routes that I believe that I can take and pursue if I wanted to. With that being said, hopefully football can help me determine which one is more suited for myself and where I want to be in the future.