March 21, 2023

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DITR – Chauncey Curtis

Photo courtesy of Chauncey Curtis

Chauncey Curtis is a 5’11”, 186 pound, class of 2024 Linebacker/Defensive End from Marksville High School in Marksville, Louisiana. Chauncey started playing football at the age of 12 for Marksville Junior High. Several older family members played at Marksville, so Chauncey plays to carry on their legacy at the school, but also since he simply loves playing the sport. Chauncey doesn’t have blazing speed, but he runs with a high motor and isn’t afraid to dive in and make a tackle whenever possible. His tape shows that he’s always end up in the vicinity of the ballcarrier. His tape also shows the ability to make difficult plays and be able to wrap up and bring down ballcarriers in situations where many others cannot.

I had the chance to talk to Chauncey and ask him a few questions regarding his football career so far:

Have you always played your current position, or did you play a different position growing up?

“No, I haven’t always played my current position. In 2020, I was playing FB and DE and soon as soon as the offseason started, I started gaining a lot of weight and hit 225. I started getting slower and switched to lineman. I played was LT/LG but my main position was LG. Then, when spring had came around in 2022, I was still playing LG, but I started playing another position, which was OLB. I started off shaky but it was my first time playing it so in had to get right in the position that my former coach, Jimmie Hilman, put me as. When the summer came around, I had started losing weight and gaining speed from all the hard work I put in to get prepared for the season, which changed my position to TE/OLB. Mid season, I became a DE again, where I basically started my Freshman year. Now I’m back to LB.”

What sets you apart from everyone else on the field?

“I don’t consider myself apart or different from my team. If anyone does something bad in the game, or we suffer a loss on or off the field, then well we all suffer the same loss because we are a team. We were 1-9 last year and some did our best and some didn’t but I couldn’t think I’m apart or different then anyone on the team because we are all the same, and we are all all brothers and teammates and a family.”

What is your favorite accomplishment so far in your football career?

“My favorite accomplishment is finally playing varsity, which started from my Sophomore year and being named a started for the Marksville High School Tigers.”

What is your favorite memory playing football so far?

“My Favorite memory playing football so far was last year, in 2022, when we were playing against the Buckeye Panthers. I was going all out that game and 2 sacks and around 12 tackles. That game was the best game for us that season because we had an opportunity to win a game for the first time that season.”

How do you balance athletics and academics?

“School comes first. My coaches always say that you might be a good athlete but if their grades aren’t right, then colleges won’t recruit you. I try to keep my grades up, and then when time for football then it’s time for football.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced on the field?

“My biggest challenge I’ve faced was starting my Sophomore year because I never knew that I would start. The real challenge was playing against people bigger and better then me, but I had go through those challenges to have better experience and to be better for the next time I face them.”

How do you stay physically fit outside of football?

“I work out everyday and put in extra work after school, and on the weekend. I try to be better than what I am today and I try to eat healthy and put my weight on my body.”

What are you hoping to achieve in this upcoming season?

“I am hoping to have a better season with my team this year and make over 90 tackles for the season. Another goal is to become 1st team all district in 2023.”

What is your end goal for your football career?

“My end goal for my football career is to make it to college and to the NFL, especially for a certain someone that I had lost a month ago: a teammate that passed, who can’t fulfill that dream.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned playing football?

“Always be tough, always grind, and be a leader when you need to be.”

How do you prepare for big games?

“Study the plays again and again to make sure I got them right, and go eat a big meal with my teammates to get ready for the game.”

What type of play style do you have?

“I don’t really have a play style, because I play how I was taught by my coach, so I really don’t have play style; I just play to my fullest in the game.”

Lastly, who is the biggest role model in your life?

“My Biggest role model is my teammates and my family, because they make me stronger in life. They push me to the fullest; to let me head to my dreams to become a great football player.”

Photo courtesy of Chauncey Curtis (#55)

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