D.I.T.R: Bernard Kirk (Madison Prep)

Our newest Diamond In The Rough features Madison Preps own Bernard Kirk. Bernard is a 5’9″ 153lb Cornerback who uses his athleticism and preparation to his advantage. He is a player who loves to be physical in coverage as well as with his tackling. Bernard joins his teammate Jeremiah Cotton as a Diamond in the Rough and a class of 2025 athlete to keep your eyes on.

I got the chance to ask Bernard some questions about his career and upcoming season, here’s what he had to say.

When did you start playing football and what made you start playing?

“I started playing when I was around the age of 6. My grandmother was close with one of the little league coaches so she brought me out to one of the practices and I fell in love.”

What aspect of the game made you fall in love with the football?

“The physicality of football made me love it. It was cool to see the players hit each other but still be friends outside of the plays.”

Do you play any other sports?

“I play football, track, some basketball and I also bowl.”

Are there any players that you look up to?

“I look up to our seniors David Jones and Treylan James. They were two guys who helped me out a lot when I first joined the team. I also look up to Jordan Matthews, I would text him a lot for tips and advice to improve my game.”

Is there a player that you try to model your game after?

“Derek Stingley and Jalen Ramsey. They are two dogs on the field that are always working”

What have you learned about yourself from playing football?

“I’ve learned that it’s ok to fail sometimes. It’s not one play that defines you. What defines you is how you react to that play and learn from it.”

What do you bring to the table for Madison Prep?

“I bring lots of energy to the team. I feel like if im down then it can bring my team down with me, so I try and keep the energy positive to excite my team.”

What sets you apart from the other players at your position?

“I want to make the best out of the opportunities im given. Im a versatile player that also plays punter. I know my roles and I just do my best to execute my job that coach has given me.”

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your career?

“I’ve overcome a lot in my career. The biggest obstacle that I’ve overcame was the loss of my two younger siblings. Another obstacle was when I had to have surgery on a staph infection.”

What is your favorite play that you have made?

“My favorite play was in our game against U High. I studied my plays everyday until we played them. The play they ran was a bubble screen and the first time they ran it I got laid out by the Tight End. I took that personal and the next time they ran that play I jumped it and laid out the receiver.”

What would you say is your strongest ability on the field?

“My mind is my strongest ability. I use my knowledge to read the receivers routes just by the way their feet are set up and the way they line up.”

What motivates you to get better every day?

“I’m motivated to get better knowing my siblings are watching down on me. My godfather motivates me as well.”

When looking at a college, what kind of things draw you in to want to go there?

“When looking at schools I look for the school that’s going to get me the best education I can possibly get. Being a student comes before being an athlete for me. I want to be somewhere that can help me with my education so Ill meet the requirements to play on Saturdays.”

What kind of goals do you have set for yourself this upcoming season?

“I set the goal of working harder while everyone else may be sitting at home. I also set the goal of catching my first high school interception and run it back for a Touchdown.”

What situation do you feel most comfortable in on the defensive side of the ball?

“I feel most comfortable in a blitz situation. I feel most comfortable because I know If nobody is on my side I only have to worry about the Running Back. That make me comfortable knowing it’s just me versus him so I try and fill the alley and make a play for my team.”

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