January 25, 2022
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Last year, as you may remember, I wrote about my vacation in Jamaica. Being a Packers share holder,fan and writer, I was concerned about being able to watch the games. We contacted the resort and were told “no problem mon,” but once we got there found out that it was a HUGE problem and never got to watch any games.

This year we went to Costa Rica and even though the Saints had a by-week, I wanted to watch the other games. We contacted our hotel and did internet research. It looked like it would once again be a problem, but again the information we had gotten was wrong as the games could be seen in nearly every bar and restaurant we went to, including the NFL network. With the exception of the NFL network, all the games were in Spanish but could be easily followed.

We were not at a big touristy resort either but at a hotel in a small village in the jungle, so If you are planning to visit Costa Rice fear not, you will be able to watch the games.