January 19, 2022
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Chargers Charge On

Playoff football is back in Louisiana, and there is no place I would have rather been than at the Madison Prep Chargers vs. North Webster Knights football game this past Friday night. The atmosphere was electric and the stadium was nearly full of fans eagerly awaiting the game.

Both defenses looked strong and harassed the opposing offenses. After both teams traded punts, Madison was able to drive 70 yards down the field only gaining yards on the ground to score. The drive was capped off by a quarterback sneak but featured 4 plays of 10 yards or more. 

North Webster punted the ball to end the first quarter, 0-7; Madison Prep. With the ball on their own 20, they drive 80 yards to score. Madison again ran the ball heavily, once they got in the red zone they faced a fourth and 1. Instead of kicking a field goal, they decided to run a read-option that the quarter keeps and takes in for the score,14-0. Not to be outdone, North Webster received the ball on their own 10, and without even getting a first down, had an 83-yard touchdown pass to close the deficit. North Webster missed the extra point 14-6 in favor of Madison Prep. Following back to back punts from each team, Madison Prep got set up with the ball on their own 10-yard line with 55 seconds left in the half. After an incomplete pass, they gain 36 yards of a broken pass, that the quarterback scrambled for and got out of bounds. Two complete passes later set the Chargers up at the 15-yard line with six seconds left in the half. A crossing route to Major Burns scores with no time left on the clock, taking a 21-6 lead.

Madison Prep received the ball to begin the second half. The Chargers took a long methodical drive, 11 plays and taking nearly six minutes off the clock. They scored off a seven-yard touchdown pass to Maleak Palmer, making the score 27-6 after missing the extra point. The Knights received the ball, and their drive was over before it got started, on the first play of the drive they fumbled the ball, and Madison Prep jumped on it. After a run of one yard, The Chargers ran a play-action rollout pass and found Major Burns in the endzone again to go up 34-6. North Webster could not get anything going and was forced to punt on her next drive. Madison Prep gained possession at their own 36-yard line, with just over three minutes left in the third quarter. After getting the ball just inside Knight territory, they received two consecutive holding penalties to set up a first and 27. The Chargers ended up getting the first down in only two plays. A few plays later they scored once more to put the game away, 41-6

In the fourth quarter Madison Prep put in their backups and coasted to a victory, neither team got into the endzone this quarter and the game ended 41-6. 

Madison Prep, played a great game today. Offensively they ran the ball and seemingly could not be stopped, especially Benjamin Stewart. The run-heavy offense opened up the passing game later in the game. Defensively they played aggressively, blitzing almost every play, this left much of the secondary in one on one matchups, and other than the one 80 yard touchdown they gave up, they played great.