January 30, 2023

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BJ Ojulari, Malik Nabers, Jay Bramblett, And Garrett Dellinger Speak To The Media In Second Week Of Fall Camp

The second week of fall camp at LSU has kicked off and a couple of Tigers give their thoughts to the media on what they think about their progress so far. This week, it was defensive end BJ Ojulari, wide receiver Malik Nabers, punter Jay Bramblett, and offensive lineman Garrett Dellinger.

DE BJ Ojulari:

On fall camp:

“Fall camp is going really well. In the Jacks’ room, we are developing so well. A lot of guys have been stepping up. We are focused on technique and getting the fundamentals down. We are installing some good things on defense that is going to be exciting to see this season.”

On Coach Kelly:

“I always had a great perception of him. He is a winning coach, and he has a plan. He is executing that plan and it started when he first got here. The way he plans out camp is very efficient getting recovery and every time we are on the field, we are ready to go. The schedule is amazing. He is amazing as well and is just a great leader. I think that trickles down all the way down to the players.”

On depth of defensive line:

“We got so much more depth now. We have a lot of younger guys stepping up. Our front four is experienced. We should be the most dominant front four in the NCAA this year. We have a lot of guys behind us that are getting better, understanding the game, and the speed a little bit more like Saivion Jones, Mekhi Wingo, Bryce Langston, Quency Wiggins, etc. All those guys are going to play this year.”

On Jaquelin Roy’s growth as a player:

“Not even on the field, but off the field with the way he is carrying himself. The potential for him is through the roof, and I think he is realizing that and locking in on his technique to be that interior dominant lineman that we need.”

On Maason Smith:

“Maason is one of my favorite guys. He’s so versatile, especially in that three technique. He also plays the edge with his length, and just that monster he has inside him. He is a great guy to be around and has a lot of energy.”

On being a complete defensive player:

“I will stay on the field for all three downs. That’s what I want to show that I can do, which is play the run and rush the passer.”

On the next step to his game:

“Definitely the run, being more dominant, creating more TFLs, just being more stern at the point of attack, holding those edges better, and that’s really it. Dominating tight ends and really just my biggest thing, which is creating havoc.”

On going up against LSU’s tackles in practice:

“I’m playing more on the edge so I’ve been focusing on setting the edge and striking tackles. We have some great tackles in Cameron Wire, Anthony Bradford, and Will Campbell so they are already giving me game like looks every day. Just going against guys like that, I am definitely going to be ready.”

On Will Campbell:

“He is a great guy, a great teammate, but Coach Davis is getting him ready to play. He’s shown a lot of improvement since the spring definitely in his pass blocking and at the point of attack. Going against him, we are just making each other better.”

On practicing for the first time in Tiger Stadium during the fall on Thursday:

“I think that is going to bring a lot of energy to the guys and some of the guys that never practiced in Tiger Stadium. It’s going to be a great atmosphere for practice. I believe we are in full pads so hopefully we get some live periods going as well too.”

On biggest difference schematically this year:

“I don’t think there is too much different from what we were doing last year. It’s different terminology and different coaches. I am playing more on the edge this year standing up instead of having my hand in the dirt. I can do both. That’s the biggest difference for me.”

On facing LSU’s quarterbacks:

“We definitely got to key what quarterback is in. When we have a more mobile quarterback, we have to tone our pass rushes down and do more containing him from making big plays. All four quarterbacks can move out of the pocket and extend plays.”

On being unranked in the preseason Coaches Poll:

“We respect what the media has to say. We know that we are over here working our tails off just to get ready for Florida State, and we are just going to take this season one game at a time. We are just going to focus on dominating our whole schedule.”

WR Malik Nabers:

On fall practice so far:

“It’s been going good. I am trying to get better along with the other wide receivers. I am finding my role on this year’s team and helping my team win.”

On wide receiver room:

“Our room just wants to compete. We know what we can do as an offense. We are putting receivers in different roles. Jaray goes to the slot. I go to the outside. We are just put in many different spots so we can compete.”

On when he got comfortable playing as a freshman:

“As I started making plays during the season, the game started to slow down and I started learning different coverages in the defense. Somebody had to step up when Kayshon went down so me and Jaray took that role of keeping the energy up in the receiver room and making plays when it was time.”

On having Kayshon Boutte back practicing with the team:

“It’s good to have Kayshon back. Just having him back, he takes the role of accountability, being a leader, and being number seven. He always energizes the receivers to go even harder.”

On Landon Ibieta:

“Landon is Landon. He came in the fall and he just has to learn the basics first. When I first came in here, I had to learn how college was. I couldn’t do the same stuff that I did in high school. These guys are at a higher level. As he works hard, he is always going to get better.”

On the running backs’ ability to catch the football:

“They have been working on their hands pretty lately. We would work on the jugs so their hands are pretty good as running backs.”

On Brian Thomas Jr.’s personality in the locker room:

“Outside, he may be quiet, but when we are in the room, he is pretty talkative. Everybody has a different personality when you get a lot of people in the room. He is pretty quiet, but when he is out with his friends or the receivers, he is pretty talkative.”

On what he likes about the new offense:

“The offense is similar to last year, but it is really different. Certain signals are different. We bring up film that we ran last year, but it was just called different. Certain stuff was also added that was different from last year. This offense is pretty good. We take stuff from Coach Kelly, Coach Hankton, Coach Denbrock, and just all add it to one.”

On getting ready for Florida State:

“It’s going to be the only game that day. Everybody is going to be keying on that game so we have to come out ready with urgency. Everybody is going to be watching to see what we can do this year. We are going to have to come out with fire.”

P Jay Bramblett:

On transferring to LSU from Notre Dame:

“I am very blessed to be here and very thankful. Being at Notre Dame with Coach Kelly and Coach Polian was great. I made a personal decision that I wanted to transfer, and that was before they made the decision to come down here. I reached out to them once I got in the transfer portal and told them that if they have the need that I would love to go play for you. It ended up working out. I really appreciate them for giving me the opportunity to play up there and doing it again down here. It’s good to be in the SEC, the South, and all the warm weather. It’s great.”

On thoughts about potentially going to Alabama:

“I didn’t. I love Notre Dame, the people there, the relationships I made, and a lot of people say that it takes a special person to go to Notre Dame. There’s a lot that it entails. I just felt that I needed a fresh start and a reset. I had no clue where that was going to be. It just so happened they came down here and it was something that I had in my head. I didn’t really have an outlook for it, but it ended up working out well.”

On what it’s like to play for Coach Kelly:

“The guy’s got a process. We have a mission statement. We have a process. We have traits of excellence that we are supposed to live by. He’s been very adequate about that and us living that way. Obviously, it’s a little different, a different application, and a different message, but similar deal. I think one thing is to do it every day and be the same guy every day. Consistency, be a good guy, be respectful, clean the locker room everyday, be on time, do the small things right, and the guy has won a lot of games. It’s not by mistake. He’s got a process. He’s got a plan. He relays that plan really well. That speaks for itself.

“People are afraid to talk to him. You see him and he is really professional, but I go up to him in the hallway and the first time I ever met him, we start talking about fishing. Now, he tells me where he went in South Louisiana. He’s a very approachable guy. You might not think it, but you go talk to him, and he is very talkative. I love Coach Kelly. He’s been very good to me.”

On hearing from family and friends that live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

“I have. I know a lot of people that are going to be down here November 5th that aren’t going to be wearing purple and gold unfortunately, but immediate family will. They’ve always supported me. I am very appreciative for them and everything they’ve done for me. I certainly wouldn’t be here without them.”

On if there is any difference with Coach Kelly being at Notre Dame and now at LSU:

“Not really. Like I said, he is all about us being the same person every single day, and quite honestly, I’ve seen the same thing from him. He applies all the stuff in a very similar way. You have a different group of guys so there are going to be things that are a little different, but he wants us to live a certain way and be good guys, good players, be a good football team, have a brotherhood, do all that stuff, and he is right there along the way.”

On Coach Polian:

“I love Coach Polian. I love the Polians. I love the family. They’ve been very welcoming to me. I’ve had some rough patches at Notre Dame, and they were good enough to me. I went to their house several times, just hung out, had dinner with them, had great conversations, a very good outlet for me there, and then having the willingness to bring me down here, I am very grateful for that.”

On freshman kicker Nathan Dilbert:

“Nathan’s been awesome. Obviously, he is a freshman. Anybody that’s a freshman usually has a long way to go. He’s got a big leg. For him, he’s growing into his body and is a pretty strong kid. I think the biggest thing is just having experience. We don’t have a lot of guys at kicker that have that, and that’s not something you can practice, but that’s the learning curve.”

On difference kicking in difference climates he has played in:

“The humidity is higher so the ball flies better. Two great things. The ball is going to go higher and father. I’m excited to use Nike gear. It’s a little different, but I’m excited about it.”

On culture shock moving to Baton Rouge from South Bend:

“Maybe going there. It’s pretty easy going out of South Bend. Not a huge difference. Food is subpar there compared to here, but not necessarily.”

OL Garrett Dellinger:

On each position on the offensive line is being up in the air:

“Right now, the depth chart is not much of a depth chart. It’s an organizational tool for the coaches so really anybody can be rotating. We’ve already been putting guys in different spots and making sure that we have the best five in there for game time.”

On playing center:

“They just told me to go in at center. I never played in high school, but I was prepared over spring to snap to get me ready.”

On biggest adjustment for somebody that has never played center to get reps there:

“Luckily, I played guard and tackle last year so knowing what to do, I understand. Now, it is just putting everything in a single process and snapping at the same time. I just have to get that down and I will be good.”

On biggest difference to routine as a center:

“It’s mildly different. It’s almost like treating it as a free throw in basketball. You just have to practice and do it over and over again.

On last year’s game winning drive against Texas A&M:

“That was a game to remember for sure. Going into it, we realized that it was it. We either make it or we don’t. All of us as an offensive line just bunkered down and said let’s do it.”

On the freshmen offensive linemen:

“They’ve exceeded expectations. They are doing a great job. I know Emery just came in and he’s already been showing us. Will’s being Will right now. He’s doing great things on and off the field right now. They both have the mindset to want to get better.”

On how Mike Denbrock and Brad Davis are working together:

“It’s pretty good. They work perfectly together, and they understand each other. We got that connection so there’s no confusion out there. It’s good.”

On Will Campbell’s personality off the field:

“So, I’m from Michigan, his accent is a lot different. Even to some of the guys that are here, he’s got a different accent so I know we make fun of him for that a lot. We just joke around about that. He definitely stays humble and everybody loves him for that. You can’t hate him because everything he does, he’s worked for. “

On what the offensive line has grown the most in doing:

“All of us are understanding the defense. We understand the offense, but now, we understand the defense positioning, what it means, and what it alerts to. We understand all that and we are anticipating anything that happens.”

On how the summer went and where the group is right now:

“Summer went really well. I know the conditioning Coach Flint put us through. It’s exactly what we needed. Every time, we needed to do something, we’ve always been ready. It’s been big for our bodies. I know that we’ve had much more healthier guys and not as much soft tissue injuries so it’s been looking really good.

On job responsibilities as a center:

“I will call the front, the mike, the first double team if it’s run, or if it’s pass, which way we are pass protecting, and then the quarterback will override my call if he sees something with the safety.”

On relationships with the quarterbacks:

“We are with each other every day so there’s plenty of time to build those relationships with all the quarterbacks. We are all cool with each other and hanging out outside of football.”

On biggest difference playing football in Michigan and in Louisiana:

“It’s a lot hotter down here, but you understand it. The guys here are super friendly and willing to help each other out. It’s awesome.”

On what gives him confidence playing for Coach Kelly:

“He understands us. He really gets us. He makes sure that we are in the best position that the coaches put us in. He takes really good care of us.”

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