May 23, 2022
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Afghanistan Veteran Presents Flag to Commander of Davis-Moran VFW Post 8290

afghanistan veteran

Back in 2011, during Army Veteran Paul Tullier’s last deployment to Afghanistan, the Lacombe VFW Post 8290, adopted his military intelligence battalion and supported them with care packages.  They sent his unit and several other units care packages that contained coffee, creamer, treats and other essentials.

During that deployment, while assigned to the Parwan Province Detention Facility, Paul started a flag flying program in which our soldiers could fly an American Flag for friends and family.  They would raise each flag up, rendering proper respects and fly them for 9 Days and 11 Hours, in remembrance of the September 11th Attacks. Each flag would then be lowered in the same manner it went up, with proper respect. To authenticate each flag, a certificate was produced for each one flown that documented its time at the Facility.  To show appreciation to VFW Post 8290, one of the flags that was flown was sent to Mickey Carroll, the then Post Commander.

In 2012, Paul retired from the Army after 26 years of service. Mickey and other members of the Post always kept him in their thoughts.  In 2014, he finally felt compelled to re-engage with a military veteran’s organization and he joined VFW Post 8290.  Little did he know that the flag that he had flown for the Post and mailed to them would be matted and framed by Mickey Carroll, who is now the Commander of VFW District 9.  Then at the Post’s regular meeting held on April 1, 2015, he was finally able to properly present the flag to Pat Dempsey the current Post Commander to show his great appreciation for all the Post has done and continues to do for him.

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