D.I.T.R.: TJ Dement

TJ Dement is a 5’7″ 175 lbs. RB, slot WR and SS who plays for Boerne High School in Boerne, Texas. TJ had a great season going over for 1000 rushing yards while adding over 500 receiving yards and 19 total touchdowns. TJ is a natural running back who hits the hole when he sees it, and has speed that he can take the ball to the house. He can also run crisp routes and have a great yards after catch. Check out our Q&A below!


When did you start playing football?

7th grade

What is your favorite thing about playing football?

The experience I have with playing the game with my friends and everyone I’ve grown up with

What have you learned the most from your coach?

How to be a leader and a humble warrior

What is your favorite football memory?

Going to state this past year

What sports do you play outside of football?


Who is the player you idolize your game after?

Deuce Vaughn

What is your favorite NFL team?

Green Bay Packers

Who do you consider to be your role model?

My dad

How do you balance school and football?

I set aside time for both, school first and then football

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

I eliminate distractions and envision what I want to see happen

What is your favorite pre/post-game meal?

Whataburger Patty Melt

What is the best aspect of your game?

My vision and quick decisions

What separates you from others?

My dedication and grit

What is your definition of being a good teammate?

Lifting each other up, and supporting everyone

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