14U Redhawks vs RPA Blue 7v7

Parkview Baptist in Baton Rouge, La hosted the Redhawks 7v7 Tournament for local 7 on 7 teams on March 11, 2023. Coach Stefan LeFors did a great job organizing this tournament for these local kids to train and learn.

7v7 or 7 on 7 is a modified football game for skill players to enhance their cover skills on defense, receivers to learn better route running skills, and quarterbacks to learn how to read coverages. Most high school teams only pass the ball 20-30 times a game, and most of the time that would be school record. So 7 on 7 gives skill players a chance to get better at their craft so for those limited reps they may get in a game on Friday nights, they will have better chance to make a big play.

I will be posting photos all day today and tomorrow from this tournament. Please feel free to download the photos you like from this website. All that I ask is that you give Gridiron Football the credit.