Week 9 Game Preview: Southern Lab @ Kentwood

Thursday, October 26, 2023, Southern Lab Kittens will take the road trip to travel to Kentwood to face the Kangaroos. This will be the seventh time these two teams have played each other in the last 10 years. Kentwood has won the majority of those games going 4-3 against the Southern Lab, with Kentwood being the victor winning 33-26 the last time they played. Both teams at the moment have only one loss and are undefeated in their division, so this should be an interesting game about to be played before us. Kentwood coach, Jonathan Foster, and Southern Lab coach, Darrell Asberry, look to create a game plan to get over the edge of the other team. Catch live updates on the game on Gridiron Football Twitter, and look out for the postgame article coming out after the game finishes.

Players to look out for:

S Dylan Day – Dylan is a senior 3-star commit to Miami who plays for Southern Lab. He is a leader on this defense and can help change the outcome of games.

OT Jude Foster – Jude is a senior 3-star commit to Ole Miss who plays for Southern Lab. He is a leader and veteran on this offensive line. He helps size to help protect the quarterback and make lanes for the run game.

QB Eric Earl Jr. – Eric is a senior quarterback for Kentwood. He has had an impressive season airing out the ball and also uses his feet to run or create space away from the defenders.

RB Ja’marion Burton – Ja’marion is a junior running back for Kentwood. He is an explosive back with great vision who can run past or through the defense.