January 19, 2022
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The Riptides take on The Buckeyes

Ohio State scored within the first few minutes of the game, leading the Green Waves 7-0. It took a little bit but towards the end of the 1st quarter, beginning of the 2nd quarter, Tulane scored after 3 plays making it 21 – 6 Buckeyes. Before half time, the Green Waves had another promising drive to score. Blake Haubeil kicked off for 64 yards for a touchback , then Stephon Huderson ran for 4 yards to the Tulane 29. However, time expired leading up to half time.

As the Green Waves opened the second half, Jonathan Banks ran for 10 yards to the Tulane 11. Then a pass from Justin McMillan to Darnell Mooney for 10 yards to the Tulane 21 for a 1st down. Another small gain that still moved the chains, was a run by Huderson for a gain of 3 yards to the Tulane 24. Although, this drive came up short this was not the end of the game.

Throughout the 3rd quarter, the Green Waves kept the Buckeyes scoreless. Roderic Teamer Jr., safety, played a part in this scoreless 3rd quarter with 6 tackles and 3 assists. Along with the 6’2, 235lbs true freshman, Patrick Johnson at Defensive End contributed as well with 4 tackles and a sack. Lastly, Defensive Back Tagkarius Keyes had 5 tackles and 2 assists, that aided the Tulane defense to keep the Buckeyes scoreless in the 3rd quarter.

Still scoreless in the 4thquarter, the Green Waves momentum came through as Tulane had impactful gains on various plays. It was not until the last few minutes of the game that the Buckeyes scored leading Tulane 49-6, which was the final score. Stay tuned for next week as they take on Memphis for their first conference game at home. This game could be the redemption Tulane Football needs.