Scotlandville crushes East Jefferson 43-8, advance to next round

In front of a decent crowd, both East Jefferson and Scotlandville wanted to keep their season alive. Only one would come out victorious, however, and it was not close in the end. The East Jefferson Warriors were coming off of a 35-6 win over Grace King, but their spirits were just as high as their opponents since the Scotlandville Hornets won in a late thriller over Woodlawn-B.R. that ended 28-24.

The first quarter was a snoozer. Neither team’s offense could move the ball particularly well, as the only drive that didn’t end in a punt was Scotlandville’s second drive. That drive ended in a turnover on downs near the Warriors redzone. The final drive of the first quarter became the first drive of the second quarter, where Scotlandville rushed the ball in for the game’s first score. A three-and-out for the Warriors gave the ball back to the Hornets, who would have QB Zae Teasett run in for a 29-yard score to put his team up 14-0. Neither team would score again, even though Scotlandville would threaten a couple times before the half ended.

The third quarter was a score-fest for the Hornets, who would score on their first three drives of the half – two passing and one rushing. The second of the three had a two-point conversion attempt, which was successful. Scotlandville’s fourth drive featured a fake punt, which looked unscripted but still fun to see. The play did not pan out, but the Warriors turned the ball over on downs the following drive. The fourth quarter featured a running clock, since the score entering was 36-0. Zae was taken out of the game at the start. The Hornet’s last drive ended in a rushing touchdown from 23 yards out, putting them up 43-0. So when did East Jefferson score? The last play of the game, where the QB tossed a 40-yarder for the score and completed a two-point conversion to end the game.

All in all, the Scotlandville Hornets dominated on their home turf. There were no turnovers on the offensive side, and the defense was disruptive. The rushing game added up over 200 yards and four touchdowns, plus Zae’s 39 rush yards and one touchdown. Not everything was perfect though, as the Hornets committed seven penalties, which would stall out a few offensive drives. With next week being at Edna Karr, it is fair for one to wonder if the team can keep up the high level of play heading into a great team’s home stadium.

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