March 21, 2023

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School Spotlight: Samuel Clemens High School (Schertz, TX)

Clemens High School, located on the outskirts of San Antonio in Schertz, Texas, is a public high school that plays in the 6A Classification of Texas High School football. They are ranked as the #379 team in the state of Texas as well as being ranked the #142 team in their classification of 6A. The Buffaloes, whose team colors are royal blue and gold, had a physical year this past year going toe-to-toe with several Texas high school powerhouses such as Converse Judson and Vista Ridge in Cedar Park. This week, I had the privilege of talking with defensive coordinator Adam Harvey, who was my middle school football coach at San Antonio Academy. Talking with him, we discussed the history of the program, what the future looks like for this program, and the pillars of this program. 

Coach Harvey with former player Caden Sterns, safety for the Denver broncos

Talking to Coach Harvey on behalf of Coach Johnston, I talked to him about the history of this program. Clemens is traditionally pretty good with a talent-rich area, with Texas high school powerhouses Converse Judson and Cibolo Steele in the area. While Clemens does not usually have the talent of Judson and Steele, no one takes this team lightly as they fight til the end every year. They play very disciplined football on both sides of the ball, and these kids have fought for adversity. 

Discussing the pillars of this Clemens program, the main thing is that they want to make every kid that comes through this program a better man than the one they came into the program. Sport is a great teacher, and Coach Johnston and his staff love to use it to help teach their players. They love teaching young men how to be great fathers, husbands, and friends to set themselves up for success past high school. The main pillars that this program uses are character and integrity. These pillars will help kids going through the Clemens program go far in life. 

Talking about the future of this program, Coach Harvey got excited talking to me about it. When people think of Texas high school football, cities like Dallas and Houston are usually one of the first things that comes to mind. This causes San Antonio to sometimes be overshadowed, and it is crazy since there is so much talent within this city. The growth of talent in San Antonio is at an all-time high with this team getting some great athletes now. The future of Clemens is looking great as the team is getting better and playing tough while gaining valuable reps. 

Head Coach Jared Johnston

Before letting him go, I asked Coach Harvey to highlight a couple of athletes on both sides of the ball who will make an impact for the Clemens Buffaloes next season. 

Paul Mencke is a dynamic defensive back who is getting many D1 offers

Nathan Alvarez is the quarterback and has made several big time plays

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