School Spotlight: Jackson Prep (Jackson, MS)

Our next School Spotlight is the Jackson Prep Patriots out of Jackson, Mississippi. The Patriots are the winnnigest team in the state of Mississippi. Their goal every year is to win a state championship which they did in 2022. They play in the 6A division of the MAIS conference. The Patriots went 12-1 last year under Head Coach Doug Goodwin in his first year as the Head Coach.

Coach Goodwin has had a long path with football before ending up at Jackson Prep. He started out his career coaching in the state of Alabama at schools like Marion County, Lineville, Demopolis, Russellville, and Homewood. He eventually went on to work for some college staffs, spending 6 years with Auburn and 2 years with Ole Miss. Once he left Ole Miss he wanted to get back into high school coaching and moved to Jackson Prep in 2022.

What is your philosophy for your players besides wins and losses?

“We want to teach life lessons, teach our young adults how to do the right thing and to make the best choices. Teaching them to constantly improve themselves as humans will generally translate into the wins on the football field. I want to be apart in the building of Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Politicians, etc…”

The Patriots running onto the field led by Running Back Lake Womack

Offensively the Patriots like to be multiple in their sets, they will normally work out of a 1 back set but have 2 and 3 back formations depending on looks and situations. Same with the defense, they are multiple, using odd and even fronts. It all will be based off the down and distance, personnel, and time of the game. 

A player to look out for is Class of 2024 Defensive Back Micah Stallworth. Micah is 5’10 190 LBS, he was selected as All-Conference member last season. He is a very legit tackler, has great ball skills, and can run with anyone. 

Micah Stallworth with some exceptional defense

Another notable player is Peyton Puckett. Peyton is a Class of 2024 TE who stands at 6’3 220 LBS. He runs well, has very reliable hands, and is utilized in many different ways on the team, he even plays in the backfield during certain sets.

A Wide Receiver to be keeping an eye on is Owen McCraney who is a towering 6’4 and weighs 215 LBS. Owen has great hands when catching the football, he had a very successful season last year. He should be in store for another great season in the fall.

Lastly, we have Lake Womack who is another Class of 2024 player. Lake is 6’1 215 LBS. He plays running back and was having a breakout season last year before going down with an ACL injury. Lake is expected to bounce back well and have a great senior season.