School spotlight: Clinch County

This school spotlight is going to go to Clinch County High School. Clinch County is in Homerville, GA and is a class 1A-Dll school. They offer a wide variety of extracurricular and athletic events. They are very well known for their football program. They have a history of making it to the top 10 rankings for the Georgia state as well as winning their region multiple times over. Leading this school is head coach Don Tison who has been with the Panthers since the 2019-2020 season. Tison will have 9 starters who have come back from their 10-3 record last year, making the Panthers a top contender to compete for the state championship.   

This season is looking very promising for the Panthers. Coach Tison believes he can extend their winning record and make it higher up in the top 10 for Georgia state. They are currently ranked 1st in the class 1A-Dll with hopes to keep it that way.  

With a current winning record (2-1) the Panthers are on track to accomplish their goals. Bringing some of the crucial starters back, they are looking like they have a good chance to compete for the state championship.  

Someone to watch is senior 3-star WR, Jeremy Bell. Bell is a 6’1”, 173-pound. In the 3 games that have been played so far and his stats are 52 receiving yards, 13 yards per catch, and 4 receptions. Bell has made 6 touchdowns already this season and should definitely be on the watch list. He is currently committed to the University of Indiana Hoosiers.  

The second player to watch out for is Jashaun Raymond. This 5’10”, 195-pound senior OLB, RB, is an absolute unit on the field. With 3 rushing touchdowns this season he should be on everyone’s watch list.