School Spotlight: Baylor High school

This school spotlight is going to Baylor High school in Chattanooga TN. Baylor is a college prep day and boarding high school. Last season they ended with a winning record of 11-2. The 2022-2023 season was Coach Erik Kimreys first season with the Raiders. His first season, he led Baylor to the Division ll- AAA BlueCross Bowl, with the chance to win the state championship. With an impressive game, Coach Kimrey led them to victory, and they won their first state championship in almost 50 years.  

Coach Erik Kimrey was previously the coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks since 2020. Prior to working with the Gamecocks, he worked with the Hammond school, as the head coach. Coach Kimrey led the Hammond school to 12 state championships, 6 were consecutive. After he left the Gamecocks, he joined the Raiders. When asked how Coach Kimrey felt about joining the Raiders he said, “Baylor School is the place between two dreams, and we are incredibly excited to now be a part of Baylor and live in Chatanooga.” 

The wealth of knowledge and experience Coach Kimrey exudes has shown in Baylor’s success this season as well as last season. Baylor has dominated on the football field this 2023 season. They had a stellar win (51-21) against Archbishop Stepinac and a win (42-7) against Seton Hall prep. They faced a tough loss (35-24) against Rabun Gap-Nacoochee. They are ranked 3rd in the division ll-AAA East and are ranked 1st in Chattanooga. This is only the beginning of a great run by the Raiders being led by Coach Kimrey.  

Someone to watch out for is the young QB Briggs Cherry. At 6’4″, 197-pounds, he is towering over his competition. He has been on the uprise this season, and he is someone that his competitors have to watch out for.