Rising Star, WR/DB Camron K. Carter, Rougon Middle School (Rougon, Louisiana)

“Play with your all and not half.”

Camron Carter, class of 2028, is a 5’6″, 130 pound WR/DB out of Rougon, Louisiana. Carter plays with plenty of heart, leaving everything out on the field. When asked what football has taught him he responded, “Football has taught me to be strong, do not play scary, and to always stand on business respectfully. Play with your all and not half. Respect is further than the field.”

He shows ability on every side of the ball, recording a reception, tackle and kick return for five yards in the Gridiron Football Junior High All-American Bowl Game. He compares himself to Odell Beckham Jr. because of his appreciation for route running and ability after the catch. Carter is a team first player, stating that he likes football because it, “teaches you teamwork” and helps, “build character outside the field”. He also has potential as a passer, or at least in trick plays, as he stated that one of his biggest strengths is his arm strength.

Below is a QnA between Camron and myself.

What is your 40 speed?

I have never been professionally timed for my 40 speed, but speaking with my head coach, he said if he had to guess it’ll be a 4.5-4.6

What is your dream school to play for in college

I would love to play football with LSU after high school

What’s something you’re working to improve?

There are always areas to work on and improve. Never enough speed, completing tackles, and improve on my catches.

What are your current football goals?

My goals for football is to become faster and stronger. Continue to gain confidence within myself. Remain humble with each encounter. While working on that I would love to gain an offer to a D1 school.

What did it mean to be able to play in the Gridiron Football Game?

It was a great feeling playing in the Gridiron game because it showed the value of me as a player. It was an honor to have been chosen amongst many others to come out and show my true talent.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

My biggest accomplishments so far is being invited to play in the Louisiana Next Generation State championship and winning, also being invited to play in the All-American Bowl.