RB Aiden McIntosh: Franklinton, LA

Our latest diamond in the rough featured athlete is a seriously powerful running back, Pine High School 2024 RB Aiden McIntosh. As part of a two-back backfield, McIntosh acts as the power back in the Raider offense. He has many goals for this coming season for himself and his team, and by the looks of his tape I think these goals are definitely attainable. His size at running back is very deceiving to defenses as well, as he is able to speed past defenders at ease when necessary. He is very versatile, as he can catch passes out the backfield as well. He was an All-District RB 2020-2021 & 2022-2023, and this will be his fourth season starting for the Raiders. Aiden also attended our recent Elite Camp, held in Slidell, Louisiana, and he was able to show some of his abilities to the coaches out there.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, like where are you from and how old were you when you started playing football?

“Hi everyone, I’m Aiden McIntosh from Hackley, Louisiana, a Senior who currently attends Pine High School in Franklinton, Louisiana. I started out attending my sister’s youth association cheer practices when I was younger and I saw all the older kids having fun and building relationships with their peers so it’s something I always wanted to do. And when I got old enough I started starting football at the age of 4. Also, I remember playing backyard football with the older kids in the neighborhood and I could hold my own with them so I thought I’d give it a try.”

Do you play any sports other than football or is it just strictly football for you?

“Coming into high school I was a 3 sport athlete, in football, basketball, and track but I quickly figured out I was better at football so I gave the other 2 sports up.”

How would you describe a good teammate?

“I would describe a good teammate as someone who puts the team first before their own goals. Always willing to help others when they are struggling and someone who’s easy to talk to more than just own a football or sport level.”

What are your main strengths as a running back?

“I feel as if my main strengths as a running back is I’m equally good at everything. I’m a big body back so you would think I couldn’t outrun you or shift around but I can. I’m equally as good in the pass game coming out of the backfield and I’m a very reliable back on 3rd down checking the mike linebacker or the corner coming on the blitz. Something that I feel is very important as a running back. The ability to be on the field all 3 downs or the entire drive.”

What are some things you can improve on for next season?

“A few things I think I can improve on for this next season is turning first down runs into touchdowns, making the safety miss in the open field a lot more, making the first tackler miss, and just overall being a great teammate.”

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

“My goals for this upcoming season are to be a 1st team all district type player 1000+ yard rusher 10+ touchdowns. And and all-state selection and to have us playing for a district championship and make a deep playoff run.”

How has the recruiting process been so far for you? Any offers? Or any interest from schools?

“The recruiting process has been sort of slow for me so far. No offers yet but I do have interest from a few small schools like Lyon University and Northwestern State University and Nicholls State.”

Why should a college start recruiting you or continue to do so?

“I feel as if a college should start recruiting me because I am a fast learner and I’m already accepted into most schools in Louisiana. Also because I am very big on loyalty meaning the first school that takes a chance on me is probably were I’m going to go.”

Are there any college or pro players that you model your game after?

“A few College and professional players I model my game after would have to be Jabari Small, the running from the University of Tennessee, with how he often breaks past the second level or the first down marker and makes the safety miss for home run or house call type touchdowns (something I eluded to earlier). Someone from the pro game would be AJ Dillion from the Green Bay Packers, with how he imposes his will on you in the first quarter and by fourth quarter you’re not flying down from safety or scraping over at linebacker as hard or fast as the first quarter”

How do you enjoy playing in Pine’s offense and is it a good fit for you and your style?

“I enjoy playing in my schools wing-t hybrid offense because it often leads to busted gaps for home run type rushing touchdowns for me. But also how later in the game it can suck all the players into the box for over the top receiving touchdowns. Our offense also leads to one-on-one matchups at the second and third level often, and I feel as if I can make them miss more times than they can get me on the ground. And if I make them miss more times then not its a touchdown.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“My teammates would likely describe me as a hardworking, dedicated, and supportive player. Someone who they could look up to in the weight room or on the field when the going gets tough.”

How do you balance your school and football? Because I saw you had over a 3.8 GPA which must take hard work.

“I would say balancing my GPA and football isn’t really hard because I look at it more as a competition between me and my friends. Most of them have upwards of 4.0, so I just try my hardest to keep up. The people you hang around does in-fact affect your grades and behavior.”

Do you have a role model or someone who has helped along your journey so far?

“If I had to say someone who has inspired me along my football journey it would have to be my mom, Shemekua. She is always at the games hooting and hollering, and if I ask her to bring me anywhere for sports she would do it.

How did you enjoy your time competing at the Northshore Camp?

“I enjoyed my time at the Northshore Camp extremely well. It showed me that someone out there is actually looking at my film and I’m not doing all of this for nothing. It also showed me how I would look playing in a spread offense, which I think I would fit in very well, which I know is something colleges look for, how can your game translate to the next level and to their specific offensive strengths.”