Parkview Baptist QB Abram Johnston is Thriving in Senior Season

This season, Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston has faced off against some talented quarterbacks and offenses in the Baton Rouge area including Dunham High School 2027 QB Elijah Haven and Madison Prep 2025 QB Tylan Johnson. In the game against Dunham earlier this season, Johnston matched tic for tat with the Tigers’ talented young quarterback throwing for 232 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 168 yards and two more touchdowns.

“For a quarterback, that is one of the most fun games that I’ve been in. Every play, I was telling our guys that we can put this thing in the end zone. It was really fun. Back and forth and a lot of emotion. Multiple times, I thought we ran away from it, but Elijah and their offense kept on clawing their way back into the game. It was a great game to be a part of.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 QB Abram Johnston

Despite big performances from the two opposing quarterbacks, it was the veteran 6’0, 195 pound senior that was leading the Eagles to dramatic wins over both teams. Being relied on heavily to lead the offense has brought a lot of confidence to Johnston on the field that has helped translate those performances into victories.

“Heading into the season, my main thing was confidence. Playing high school soccer, I go onto the field and I play confident. It helps me play looser and better so going into this football season, it was all about confidence and letting everything slow down for me this season. I am playing to my strengths when using my feet more, throwing the ball, and extending plays.”

“It’s fun. I trust them as much as they trust me. It goes both ways. This year has been fun. The offense has been better than it has been in the last couple of years. I am just having a good time right now.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston

Johnston is having his best season yet as a senior and is leading the Eagles to a 5-1 overall record. Through six games, he has accounted for close to 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns so far this season. Halfway through the season, Johnston is on pace to account for over 3,000 total yards and 30 scores leading an Eagles offense that has been one of the best in the Baton Rouge area.

“The game has just slowed down for me and I have improved on my accuracy. My sophomore year, I was more of an athlete playing quarterback and as I have grown older, the game has slowed down and I have been able to use my arm more, make more reads, and being accurate in the pocket.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston

Johnston was not always a quarterback growing up. In fact, the veteran Eagles quarterback was once very new to the quarterback position as after playing mostly running back and slot receiver in middle school, he made the transition to playing quarterback at Parkview Baptist under head coach Stefan LeFors. LeFors is certainly a good guy to learn from at the position as the former Christian Life Academy quarterback went on to have plenty of success as a starting quarterback at Louisville as well as in the NFL and CFL.

“I went to Coach LeFors with a fresh start and he has taught me my fundamentals and basic quarterback knowledge. Skill wise, technique wise, basic fundamentals, and with my football IQ, he has helped me a lot. He has really molded me to the player that I am today.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston

Coach LeFors has molded Johnston to be a highly efficient quarterback that has completed over 60% of his passes this season, but at the same time, the Eagles’ dual threat quarterback will still use his athleticism and playmaking ability to extend plays. Growing up as a track athlete and also as an All-State soccer player, he has used some of those skills that have helped him evolve more as a quarterback.

“Being able to move, being quick on my feet, cutting, and also being able to see open space, soccer has helped tremendously with that and also conditioning. I still play soccer for my high school so being conditioned to play soccer helps me fresh in football because I am used to running a whole lot when playing soccer.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston
Parkview Baptist 2024 QB Abram Johnston is one of the top quarterbacks in the Baton Rouge area. (Photo taken by Billy Metcalf Photography)

When it comes to athletics, Johnston’s family has an impressive background. His mom Shelly Ripple Rogers was a star swimmer at Parkview where she was an All-American at Stanford. His grandfather Steve Ripple was an LSU linebacker. His grandmother Jan ripple also swam at LSU and his aunt Kate Ripple Cramer played soccer at LSU.

With a lot of his family playing sports at LSU, it would be great that he can get an opportunity to play there, but for him, it is going to come down to whatever situation is best for him. Right now, that situation is being offered by a FCS program. Coming out of the Pioneer Football League, the Stetson Hatters were the first to pull the trigger and offer Johnston to play college football. For Johnston, he is excited about the opportunity to get a football scholarship.

“They came down here and were recruiting me. Their quarterback coach was from this area. He came down to watch me in the spring and we have been in conversation ever since. As my senior season was picked up and I started sending film, I ended up getting an offer, which is pretty cool.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston

Although he hasn’t taken a game visit yet to Stetson, the conversations that he is having with the coaching staff is making him excited for that to be a potential option to play football there.

“They throw the ball a whole lot over there and it is a great offense for a quarterback to play in. It’s. a great school and a great location. I certainly like it right now.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston

Stetson University has been the only college offer to this point for Johnston, but the athletic quarterback with a 3.8 GPA, feels that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the state.

“I may not have the tangibles including height, weight, size, speed, all that, but my ability to extend plays with my arm, legs, and being able to play well with the down and distance is where I can separate myself. Also, playing with heart, the will to win, and competitiveness is where I hope to separate myself. I try to make sure that nobody outworks me in every aspect of the game.”

Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston
Parkview Baptist High School 2024 QB Abram Johnston has accounted for nearly 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns at the halfway point of the season. (Photo taken by Billy Metcalf Photography)

With a strong work ethic added on to his great athletic ability, that confidence will only allow Abram Johnston’s play to continue to thrive even more the rest of the season and beyond.